Exotic Places to Stay When Road Tripping From Maine to Florida

Once the sun is out during the summer, many families, couples, college roommates, and work friends plan on taking road trips. Road trips are not only fun and add a touch of adventure to a person’s life, but they also help in strengthening familial bonds and friendships.

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One of the most popular and scenic routes in the United States is from Maine to Florida. Travelling from the northernmost state to the southernmost state is no easy feat. While it is a gorgeous drive, it spans approximately 1,600 miles!

If you’re looking for hotels to take breaks at, here are a few cool hotels like the Condor in Brooklyn, New York. Taking a short break after driving for hours on end is important as it keeps you aware of your surroundings. When you stay at any of the following hotels, you will feel rejuvenated and ready to resume your road trip.

Charles Inn, Bangor, Maine

There is no better place to spend the night at than the Charles Inn. Established in 1873, it is one of Maine’s oldest hotels and still retains its old-school feel. While the exterior is rustic, its interior is filled with contemporary art. The hotel has adequate parking space, comfortable beds, and offers continental breakfast.

McMenamins Crystal, Portland, Oregon

If you’re stopping in the offbeat city of Portland, stay at the McMenamins Crystal, a paradise for music lovers. Each room is unique as it is modelled after a musician or a band. The hotel comes fully equipped with a saltwater pool, an intimate music room, and a speakeasy bar.

The Sanctuary, Newburyport, Massachusetts

While Newburyport is a small city, it offers scenic views of the ocean and is home to the Sanctuary. If you’re tired from partying in Portland, this bed and breakfast will offer you quiet spaces to regain your inner peace. Filled with sprawling gardens, it is the ideal place to stay at if you’re looking for a mood booster.

The Revere, Boston, Massachusetts

A large city with plenty to offer, you should spend at least a day taking in the city before you continue on your road trip. If you’re a history buff, you will love staying at the hotel named after the famous proclaimer behind “The British are coming!”

This hotel inspired by Paul Revere is housed with replica cannons, horse paintings, and a life-size statue of the historical figure himself. Fitted with an indoor heated pool and a rooftop bar offering the best cocktails, the Revere is a must-visit.

Captain Grant’s Hotel, Preston, Connecticut

If you are interested in ghouls and ghosts, consider taking a short detour and visiting the city of Preston to stay at Captain Grant’s. It is a 266-year-old hotel, commonly dubbed as Connecticut’s most haunted place.

Many guests, and the innkeepers, have reported hearing strange sounds, and observed objects moving. However, the paranormal activity is not sinister, so no need to worry. Pop on over and say hello to spirits from the other side.

Hotel Monaco, Washington DC

The hotel was designed by Robert Mills, who also designed the Washington Monument, and Thomas Walter, one of the architects behind the Capitol Building. The hotel is filled with a mix of Victorian, classic and contemporary furniture and artwork. Each room also sports a lion’s head on the wall.

The aforementioned hotels are not only pocket-friendly, but they also offer memorable experiences you will be talking about years down the line. The drive along the Eastern Coast has many sights to offer and can be an Instagram lover’s dream road trip.

Don’t forget to stop at any of the several sightseeing areas along the way to grab a few family photos. Get ready for the vacation of a lifetime!


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