Is Traveling with Your Pet a Good Idea? Reasons Why It is Better to Leave Them at Home

Well, many people enjoy traveling with their pets and find it cruel to leave their pets at home when they’re enjoying exploring the world. Is it really the best thing to do for your canine friend? We may think that including them on our trips actually means that we are good pet parents, but there are situations where traveling with your pet is not really such a good idea. 


So here are a few reasons why you should not travel with your pet. 

  1. Accommodation Issues:

Check the small print. Some hotels permit pets, but there is a restriction that the animal cannot be left alone in the room. Going out to eat or taking a stroll nearby may become impossible. Hence, check the fine print before booking the accommodation. You also need to keep in mind that you are liable for any harm your pet does. What is the point of taking your pet to a place where you need to leave them alone in the room? Your pet might as well stay at home if they are going to be left alone in the hotel room. 

Also, there is a big difference between pet-friendly places where pets are allowed. Pet-friendly accommodations are those where they are happy to accommodate your dog, rather than looking at it as a means to only attract customers. On the other hand, places where pets are allowed but several restrictions are imposed is not a really great place to stay for a vacation. So many rules and regulations will be implemented on your pet, and you will also need to pay additional charges for the pet’s accommodation along with the deposit if there are any damages caused by your pet. Additional cleaning fees will also be charged if you are traveling with your pet. Hence, better keep your pet by brushing them daily along with using a dog detangler to make brushing and cleaning the coat easier. Hence, keep these things in mind before booking accommodation. 

  1. Traveling on Airlines can Get Risky:

Check with the airline in advance to learn about their policies on bringing dogs along. Pets must have a travel crate and a recent health certificate from your vet. Be aware that some airlines will not take dogs as cargo in certain seasons of the year. Airlines have the right to refuse to transport your pet, even with a reservation, if the situation is unsafe. Your pet may suffer from stress, injury, and even death in cargo holds because they are not heated, cooled, or soundproof. Taking so many risks just to take your dog on vacation is not really advisable. Your pet will be stressed throughout the flight, and you will also be worried. Allow your pet to stay at home unless you can guarantee the circumstances and schedule a direct flight. If you are adamant about taking your dog along, plan a road trip instead. 

  1. Unfamiliar Dangers:

If your destination is only a few hours away, this one probably won’t apply. Keep in mind that your furry buddy won’t be accustomed to the terrain or the dangers it presents if you’re traveling to a completely new region. This may be relevant in a variety of contexts, such as interactions with poisonous plants, encounters with predators, and weather tolerance. This can endanger your pet’s life and also spoil the trip. 

  1. It can Stress the Pet:

While some animals like exploring, others become extremely anxious when they travel. Stress and anxiousness could easily escalate into problems like stomachaches. You definitely don’t want your canine friend to experience nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea while traveling with you. This will stop you from exploring the place; you will take care of the pet. 

  1. Risk of Getting Lost:

The majority of animals prefer to stay at home. Even adventurous pets like dogs and cats are happy in their own environments and can get nervous in unexpected environments. Accident risk may rise as a result of that anxiety. Your pet can get scared and run away if he hears or sees something strange. He won’t know how to return to your hotel if he escapes because he will be in unfamiliar terrain. This is why if you take your pet on the trip with you, do not forget to leash it always. Off-leash time in areas without fences is not advisable. 

  1. Travel Limitations:

When you travel towards your destination, you may want to visit a few places that are popular site seeing. Mostly these places are crowded, and many are not pet friendly. The only option you have is to leave your pet alone in the hotel room or skip visiting the place altogether. Both options do not seem feasible, as leaving your pet alone in the hotel is not safe, and bringing your pet to the site is not an option. It also does not make sense to leave your dog alone, locked in the hotel room, when you could have just left them comfortably in your home, along with a pet sitter. Hence, it is not a good idea to travel with your dog to a few destinations, and if you do decide to take your dog along, then plan your itinerary completely, including places that are pet friendly. Utilize the pet-friendly accommodations listed on happy-animal.nl for great vacation options for both you and your furry friend.  

The Bottom Line: 

While pets can be your best companion when traveling, sometimes it could be unsafe for them to travel to a destination with you for various reasons. Leaving your pet behind while traveling may break your heart a little, but it is for their own good. To have peace of mind, you can ask a relative or friend to take care of your pet while you are away. Your dog will be familiar with this person; hence, they will be comfortable. There are certain breeds of dogs that can be left alone for long stretches of time, so if your dog is one of these breeds they will cope better while you are away. If that is not possible, then you can look for a professional pet sitter for your pet. They will give individual attention to your pet. If you are looking for something within your budget, look for the best dog kennels and daycare facilities near your place.

If you take your pet with you on the trip, plan the travel meticulously, starting from travel to accommodation. The itinerary should be planned so that your dog is included in most of your plans so that they are not left alone. Look for a pet-friendly accommodation that also offers a pet sitter if you need one. This way, even if you require taking a half day away from your pet traveling and sightseeing, you can do it without worrying about their well-being.


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