Excitement Awaits: 6 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Embark on a Bike Trip These Holidays

Cycling continues to gain popularity especially among health and environment enthusiasts. Thanks to the increasing number of small businesses offering bike rentals and the fact that an increasing number of people are also buying bikes, it’s no longer strange being seen going to work or the grocery shop on these two-wheeled machines. 

cycling trip

You should consider continuing this habit even during the holiday season. Whether you choose to buy a bike or get one from a bikes-for-rent dealer, the benefits are endless. 

1. Cycling is fun

Many people look wistfully on fond childhood memories of riding their bike with friends around the neighborhood and perhaps even to school. You may not be able to go back to your childhood days, but you can certainly relive those fond moments and bring back the exhilarating thrill into your daily grind. Use this time to see your environment, listen to the birds, and enjoy every bit of nature. It’s all there right before you!

2. Meet new people

Of course, bike riders aren’t homogenous. However, the unifying interest in cycling is well established. Rarely will you be riding alone. It doesn’t matter if you set off on your own. Down the road, you’re bound to meet other enthusiasts on their two-wheeled monsters seeking the same thrill you’re after. It doesn’t take much to strike up conversations and get to know each other.

3. It’s a quick way to get rid of boredom

The holiday season is meant to be fun. But boredom occasionally creeps into even the most well planned trips. Biking can be the solution to that problem. Whenever you feel down, just grab the bike and take a ride down the road. If you’re out with a friend or family, bring them along. Before you know it, you’ll be having fun and laughing your hearts out. 

4. Biking is good for exercise

A lot of people are asking for ways to keep fit. Well, biking is one of them. Granted, biking alone won’t help you build the muscles you’re looking for. But it can be used alongside other exercises to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

5. Good for burning the calories 

Closely tied to fitness, biking can also be used as a weight loss strategy. The exact calories you can lose from biking is difficult to gauge, but some studies have found that an average cyclist (weighing 180lb) riding at moderate effort level burns approximately 650 calories every hour. Even a 35-minute ride every day, therefore, can be incredibly helpful when trying to shed the pounds.

6. Biking saves money

We all want fun filled holidays and are often willing to spend whatever it takes to make these occasions blissful. However, it’s no secret that the majority of people also party while keeping an eye on the bank account. Biking during the holiday can help you keep expenses to a minimum without compromising on fun.

There are many other benefits of biking. But, hopefully these six are enough to convince you to go biking this holiday.


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