Planning Your Next Vacation Post-COVID-19

Over the past 12 months or so, life as we know it has been turned on its head and we have been forced to adjust to a whole new way of life as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel, in particular, has been one aspect of our lives that has been put on hold for a significant period and, therefore, you may be itching to get away and explore. Now that some countries have been given the ‘green light’ to travel, you could start the planning process of your next vacation now that life is slowly getting back to normal. Here are some useful tips to take on board for planning your next vacation post-COVID-19:
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1. Understand the rules for each country

We aren’t quite out of the woods yet, therefore, many countries around the world are still banning foreign travelers from crossing their borders while the pandemic is still ongoing. Before booking flights and accommodation for your preferred destination, it would be worth researching to find out which countries have eased restrictions for tourists. Each country is measured by a risk assessment chart for COVID-19 and is rated between 1-4 (1 being ‘low’ and 4 being ‘very high’ in regard to the infection rate). It would be highly advisable to read the latest guidelines and regulations before deciding to travel.

It may be the case that you are also expected to quarantine after visiting a specific country. This may need to be taken into consideration if you have commitments to attend when returning from your vacation.

2. Book early

While you can’t predict what the future holds in regard to the spread of the virus and looming restrictions that could occur, it would be a good idea to book your flights and accommodation early due to high demand. As very few have been able to jet off for over a year now, it’s likely that eager travelers will be looking for the earliest opportunity to do so, which means availability will be limited going forwards. If you’re not comfortable with traveling outside of the U.S.A. at the current time, you could remain in the States and visit the ever-popular Florida, by booking Vacation Home Resorts. In doing so, you can still have a fun-filled trip without the additional stress.

3. Look for flexible policies

There’s nothing worse than booking up for a much-anticipated vacation for it to be canceled a few months later – but have you also considered the fact that you could lose the entire payment, too? Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence with a large number of travel companies, which makes planning a vacation risky business.

With this in mind, it would be advisable to book flights and other aspects of your trip that can be altered according to changing circumstances, so that you can have the peace of mind that you won’t lose your money. If in any doubt, get in touch with the company before making a booking to find out what their policies are.


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