Tips To Plan A Jungle Safari Trip Post-Pandemic

Travel in the post-pandemic world is different as you need to think beyond budget and timing. Safety and distancing should be on top of your checklist as the virus is still at large despite the vaccine rollouts. A jungle safari makes an excellent vacation idea because it is distant by default. You are away from the crowds and outside with the wildlife. You explore the forest in open vehicles, enjoy al fresco meals, sleep in secluded tents, and have cozy conversations around a campfire.

There couldn’t be a better way to rediscover your wanderlust. While everything about a safari sounds incredible, you cannot dive in without preparation. There are several things to consider before going ahead with the trip. A little effort with planning sets you up for a safe and enjoyable holiday without burning a hole in your wallet. Here are some tips that can help you with trip planning.

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Determine your budget

Before anything else, you need to understand whether you afford to plan a holiday right now. Everything boils down to your current budget, so you should start by determining it in the first place. Money is tight for everyone in the new normal, but financial constraints shouldn’t keep you from getting back with your travel plans. You can realign them with your spending capacity instead. For example, you plan for fewer days, pick a cheaper destination, postpone the trip until the off-season, or look for deals. If you have clarity about your budget, it will be much easier to plan your trip.

Consult a travel designer

While travel designer sounds like a fancy word, these professionals are worth consulting if you wish to plan a trip in the new normal. They can help you with everything, from itinerary planning to pre-departure preparations. They guide you about details like travel restrictions, testing protocols, vaccine guidelines, and documentation required at your destination. It will be much easier to plan the trip when you know the current updates. You have the peace of mind that there wouldn’t be any last-minute hassles. It lets you focus on the other aspects of preparing for your safari trip.

Consider the interests and abilities of companions

You need not worry much about safari planning if traveling solo. But things are a lot different when you have a gang of friends or your family in tow. You must consider the interests and abilities of your companions to decide. Are the kids old enough to enjoy the experience? Is everyone fit enough to handle the rigors of the wild? Jungle safari can be physically taxing as you will have to hike and drive for long hours. You cannot expect luxe meals and a comfortable bed at the end of the day. Ensure your fellow travelers are as excited about the experience as you are before planning the trip.

Choose the right destination

The most important thing to consider while planning a vacation post-COVID is your destination. Check the options that are open to travelers right now, and find details about the current guidelines on testing, quarantine, and vaccines. Fortunately, African Safari Tours are back with the bang, so you can explore the most popular destinations in the world. Americans have to show a negative test report less than 72-hours old, and they are all set for an exhilarating experience in the wild.

Pick the right timing

Apart from choosing the right destination for your wildlife safari, you must pick the apt timing for the trip. The holiday season in the US coincides with African summer, so it may be ideal to plan a trip at the end of the year. You can travel before summer sets in the region as it is pleasant in October, with the end of winter approaching. Apart from the weather, pricing also determines the timing of your trip. It makes sense to pick off-season deals and discounts when they are available. Traveling in the off-season is a wise decision in pandemic times as you will not have to worry about crowding. Check details with a travel designer or research online to decide the ideal time for safari bookings.

Keep things simple

Another helpful piece of travel advice in post-pandemic times is to keep your itinerary as simple as possible. Pick one destination and stick with it because it minimizes interactions on flights and commutes. You can choose to travel to South Africa and explore the best wildlife tours it offers. There are plenty of options to keep you happily engaged, and you can spend the last leg of the holiday in one of the beautiful cities here. Avoid traveling to different countries as it can bring complexities related to country-wise travel restrictions. You will not want to struggle with them while crossing borders. Keep it simple, and just have a good time!

Prioritize safety

The most important thing right now is safety. Get your vaccination before planning the trip as it offers significant levels of protection against the virus. Book a low-traffic flight to avoid the crowds and be extra conscious at the airport. It is vital to be aware of the risks everywhere- at the airport, on the flight, and in the hotel rooms. Follow the mask-wearing and social distancing rules and avoid high-touch surfaces. Luckily, you will not have to stress a lot when you are out in the wild because risks are lower. But you must still stick with the norms like hand hygiene and face covering at all times. Carry your essentials because you cannot find them in the wild if you run short of supplies.

Jungle safaris are perhaps the safest form of travel in the new normal as there are minimal risks of crowds and infected surfaces. You can have a peaceful time outdoors and relish the bounty of nature without worrying about the virus at any point. But you must still plan your trip with great care to steer clear of threats and enjoy to the fullest. Just follow this checklist, and you are good to go!


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