Must See Places to Visit On the Gold Coast

Like any city, the Gold Coast is full of fun activities and things to see. The best way to find the must do things on the Gold Coast is to head out and go adventuring yourself! But we’ve got a few ideas to get you started. And if you are visiting with family, here are some great things to do in the Gold Coast with kids.

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SkyPoint Tower

Now, it’s not the tower that’s the must-see thing, but the views from the tower. SkyPoint stands 230 metres tall and the observation deck on level 77 offers 360° views of the city. Enjoy a meal on the observation deck while enjoying the views and if you’re lucky, spotting some whales for a one-of-a-kind experience. Though if that isn’t enough for you, maybe climbing to the top of the tower is. Feel on top of the world with the fresh sea air flowing around you. For those looking for unique, thrill-filled must do things on the Gold Coast, the SkyPoint climb is worth a go.

Australian Outback Spectacular

The Australian Outback Spectacular is an experience unique to Australia and the Gold Coast, it’s one of the must-do things on the Gold Coast for tourists from Australia and all over the world. The Spectacular is a stunning show that combines clever, immersive technology and impressive performances. You’ll watch talented performers work with live animals to capture your attention. Watch horses and cattle dogs perform with joy and skill. The show includes a delicious meal for a truly all-in-one evening experience.


In the same vein of dinner theatre but with a different atmosphere is Dracula’s, a live cabaret show. You’ll see carnival acts, acrobatics, singing, and comedy and a delicious three-course meal. The show

changes frequently, so if you’ve been before and enjoyed it, it’s worth going again and watching the latest performance. The food often changes with the performance as well for a consistent, multi-sensory experience. The experience is rating MA15+, perfect for a mature night out.

Miami Marketta

Miami on the Gold Coast is full of fun things to do, and one of those is the Marketta. Street food from all over the world comes together here so you can have an entree or appetisers from Greece, a main meal from Japan, and dessert from Italy. In addition to the great street food, the Miami Marketta is home to a range of live music and events. Enjoy local and international performances in an intimate setting and experience one of the must do things on the Gold Coast.

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