How Schoolies on the Gold Coast Has Evolved Over the Last 20 Years 

The end of the high school life usually saddens the students. Before entering the next phase of life, they want to reminisce the memories of their school life along with their friends and make memories that will stay with them forever. 

The Schoolies festival is celebrated by the students of different schools in Australia. They visit the local attractions or go for foreign trips to enjoy the time without the supervision of any elders.  
Schoolies on the Gold Coast

The idea of schoolies was proposed back in 1970’s so that the graduates could spend quality time with their friends. However, over the past few years, it has become a headache for the parents. During the schoolies week, the teens indulge in unhealthy activities that not only embarrass them later but also pose risks for their safety. 

Gold Coast in Queensland state particularly the Surfers Paradise, is the biggest attraction for  students looking forward to enjoying the event. Once they are free from the last exam, they form groups to visit the place of their choice. The festivities usually continue for 3 long weeks after which the high school grads are supposed to make decision about their future. 

Due to the unpleasant events in the past, Gold Coast has significantly lost its charm for the tourists, particularly when it’s time for the schoolies. 

Back in the day, students used to engage in sports and other fun activities to make the most of their time. However, over the past decade or two, the use of alcohol and drugs has become common by the students. 

Despite being too young to buy alcohol, they somehow grab the drinks and enjoy at the beach or in the streets. Drug abuse is another common practice by the grads on schoolies. They don’t understand the consequences of their actions and indulge in harmful activities. Sexual assaults have become another concern for the parents. 

Schoolies week has become a nuisance for people living near the Gold Coast. Grads get high on alcohol and drugs and disturb the people living nearby with the noise. They also engage in violent activities and often end up getting arrested. 

During the past decade, many high school grads have been arrested by the police. The government should take steps to prevent such cases in the future. 

Safety Tips for the Schoolies Week 

However, parents are also accountable for such cases during the schoolies week. Teens often lack the sound decision-making ability and end up making costly mistakes. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of the parents to ensure their safety. You can book a safe trip with https://surething.com.au/schoolies/schoolies_gold_coast/ for your children. 

Before your children leave for the event, make sure you guide them about the impacts of alcohol and drug abuse and why they should stay away from the activities that aren’t good for them. 

You can instead ask your children to volunteer for a good cause. Since 2015, a few organisations have arranged the volunteer trips to the poor countries of South America and Africa. It allows the high school grads to invest their time in philanthropic activities. 


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