4 Places Around the World Perfect for Living Off the Grid

Off-grid living has become a popular trend lately. People all around the world are attracted to the idea of a simpler, healthier, and more sustainable lifestyle centered around self-sufficiency. Although it’s possible to live off the grid almost anywhere, some places are more suitable for this lifestyle than others due to weather, climate, land availability, and local regulations. Have you done your research on how to go off grid? You may be curious to know more about the best locations for this lifestyle.

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Read on to discover four places around the world perfect for living off the grid.

1.      The United States

Due to the sheer immensity of the country, the United States can accommodate people with vastly different values, creeds, and lifestyles. And even though American society is one of the most advanced, a big part of the country is ideal for off-grid living.

To determine which states are better choices, we’ll have to look at factors such as water and land availability, cost of living, land fertility, freedom of lifestyle, and community. Alaska, Missouri, Oregon, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, Montana, and Hawaii come at the top.

2.      Central America

Central America offers plenty of opportunities for those looking to live off the grid in a tropical climate. In many Central American countries like Costa Rica, Panama, and Puerto Rico, off-grid power generation is the norm rather than the exception. And a big part of the population relies on local food sources almost exclusively.

Costa Rica is considered one of the most eco-conscious countries in the world, so it is home to large communities of people who have embraced off-grid living. You can find many similar communities in other central American countries.

3.      Eastern Europe

Many consider Eastern European countries to be a bit behind their western neighbors in terms of modernization. But when you want to live off-grid, this is a huge advantage. In places like Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Poland, many households are self-sufficient. People grow their food, use firewood to heat their homes, and rely on non-motorized transportation. Moreover, the lands are some of the most fertile in Europe, and water is abundant. The big downside is that buying land as a foreigner can be challenging.

4.      Canada

Many parts of Canada, including provinces like British Columbia, Alberta, and New Brunswick, are perfect for off-grid living. Following the national building codes and not squatting on someone else’s land are the only two rules you must follow if you decide to live off the grid in Canada. It is important to mention that the weather in certain parts of the country can be extremely harsh in winter. This is the only downside that you have to worry about, however.

Final Words

Millions of people around the world live off the grid. Some have chosen this lifestyle because it suits their goals and preferences; others do it out of necessity. Off-grid living can be a rewarding path. However, it’s critical to weigh all the implications carefully before taking the plunge.


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