Peony Cruise Review on 2-Day Discovering Halong Bay

Embark on a remarkable adventure as we cruise through the stunning landscapes of Halong Bay aboard the Peony Cruise. Join me on this enchanting voyage filled with pleasant relaxation, thrilling exploration, and exquisite service experiences for 2 days.

Why Peony Cruise stood out

Amidst a sea of options, Peony Cruise caught my eye for its exceptional value for money, well-maintained facilities, and impeccable service. From families with kids to couples seeking a beach getaway, Peony Cruise is definitely a 4-star cruise that offers the 5-star service that you are looking for.

Booking our 2-day adventure with Peony Cruise Halong Bay was a breeze through bestpricetravel.com. With over 3,200 reviews on TripAdvisor, we can be certain that this is a reliable travel agent to go with. The online booking process was smooth, and the attentive customer service provided swift confirmation and addressed all our queries promptly.

Peony Cruise

How amazing our 2-day trip was

Day 1: Explore Lan Ha Bay on a kayak

Our trip started with light rain in the early morning. Fortunately, the sky gradually became beautiful as we approached Ha Long. The driver picked us up at Hanoi Opera House at 8:00, and that was when our journey started. The ride from Hanoi to Tuan Chau Port took more than 2 hours, with a stopover midway. We usually have 15 minutes there. There was a pearl museum and accessory store where we stopped, so we paid a little visit there. 

The Peony Cruise has its own waiting lounge at No. 34, so finding it was effortless. After finishing the check-in session, we got ourselves a drink, sat back, and continued to wait there till the tender came to get us to where the ship was anchored.

At noon, we made our way to the main ship. As we glided across the tranquil waters aboard a tender boat, picturesque surroundings unfolded, offering us ample opportunity to bask in the splendor of the natural beauty. From the towering limestone karsts to the emerald-green waters, breathtaking vistas captivated our senses.

Peony Cruise

The Peony is a kind of traditional junk boat in Halong, which is noticeable with its iconic tangerine sails. We can even see the crew standing at the back of the ship, waving for us. Upon stepping aboard, we were warmly welcomed by all the kindest smiles and wet towels to clean our hands. Our luggage was taken care of by the staff, who followed right after us.

We went straight to the second floor, where the restaurant was located. There was another welcome session with a cold drink. Then the staff led us to our table. Lunch was a delightful affair, with a diverse buffet showcasing both Asian and Western cuisines that I believe can satisfy everyone.

Throughout the meal, our dedicated waitstaff provided impeccable service, attentively catering to our every need. We asked her to peel the shrimp for us, and she did it so fast. Their warm demeanor and eagerness to ensure our satisfaction enhanced the dining experience, making us feel truly pampered. As lunch drew to a close, they kindly asked us about food allergies to prepare dinner. They briefed us about the guidelines and all activities in the afternoon as well.

As we recharged our energy with lunch, now is the time to see where we sleep tonight. We booked the Deluxe Balcony room with 2 single beds at the cost of US $153 per person. With turquoise as the main theme, we can feel the ocean as soon as we step inside. Generally, the room is fully equipped.

One huge plus point for Peony is that they provide private balconies and bathtubs for all staterooms, which many other 4-star cruises don’t. There are windows out and inside the bathroom, so I can’t wait to chill in the bath while admiring the magnificent wonder outside.

We have time to rest and get charged, then join a kayaking adventure around the Tra Bau area. To slowly paddle around the breathtaking scenery of this UNESCO Heritage Site is such a one-of-a-kind experience. You can even swim in the emerald water if you want to.


Back on board, the Happy Hour opened right on time after an exhausting activity offered a chance to buy one, get one drink. Get yourself and your partner something refreshing, then find a seat to watch the sunset.

The afternoon unfolded with a fun-filled cooking class. We eagerly rolled up our sleeves to participate in crafting Vietnamese spring rolls. Guided by skilled chefs, we learned from step to step of preparing this popular dish. Laughter filled the air as everyone took part in wrapping and rolling; they even had a small competition to see who was the one making the rolls fastest. The experience was undeniably enjoyable, a perfect add-on to our holiday moments.

Following all the exciting activities is a sumptuous dinner with a romantic theme, which is really suitable for couples and families. The set menu is so on point. Each meal has a perfect balance between fresh seafood and other specialties that we enjoy eating without getting bored. They served the next dish after both of us finished the previous one. And they really paid close attention to us to see whether we needed anything.


When I thought that was the end of all the events for the day, they surprised us with a thoughtful celebration. There was a honeymoon couple on the cruise, so the cruise crew specially prepared for them an exclusive honeymoon-vibe table. When they came, all the lights were out, the candle lit up, and “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you” was played as romantic background music. The couple couldn’t hide the happiness on their faces.

And it did not just end there; we were lucky enough to join the guest group with a birthday lady. When the staff came out with a birthday cake in her hand, everyone started to clap and sing along to the “Happy Birthday” song too. It was so adorable. The dinner started and finished with an absolutely sweet ambiance.

The night after dinner was free time for guests to spend. We walked around the cruise a little. There were spa services in case you needed your mind and body to relax to the fullest after a long day. On the other hand, there are still more activities, one of which is squid fishing. It is not simple to catch a squid, especially during this off-season. However, if you can actually catch one, the staff can grill and serve it immediately.

Day 2: Soft hike to Trung Trang Cave 

Day 2 on the cruise usually begins with a Tai Chi lesson on the deck, rejuvenating the body and mind amidst the serenity of the bay. Nevertheless, today’s guests seem to prefer to sleep through the early morning to save energy for the next excursion to Trung Trang Cave.

In the meantime, a buffet breakfast was prepared for us at the restaurant. The menu for the breakfast was basic, so I tried the pho at the open kitchen on board. And it was amazing. I highly recommend all of our foreign fellows get a bowl of pho to kick off the day. Such an absolute Vietnamese traditional breakfast.

The highlight of our day is a journey to the mesmerizing Trung Trang Cave. We boarded the tender again to approach Gia Luan Pier and took another bus ride to Cat Ba National Park. Venturing into the depths of the cave, we were immediately captivated by the mesmerizing formations that adorned its interior. Rocks and landforms intertwined to create an otherworldly landscape. Trung Trang Cave left an indelible impression on us, reminding us of the world of wonder.

Trung Trang Cave

After we went back to the cruise, we packed our luggage and checked out. The last meal on board was ready for us to enjoy. Savor the lunch as we witness the alluring seascapes for the last moments.

After that, it was time to bid farewell to Halong Bay as we checked out and embarked on our journey back to Tuan Chau Port. I must say that our journey aboard the Peony Cruise exceeded all expectations, leaving us with cherished memories, a folder of beautiful pictures, and a longing to return. For only 24 hours, we had the opportunity to try so many things. Goodbye and see you again, Peony!

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Reflecting on our unforgettable experience, this 2-day-1-night holiday with Peony Cruise would surely unlock our core memories with incredible feelings of exploring the wonderful place and fascinating activities. Whether seeking adventure or relaxation, Peony Cruise offers a truly unforgettable escape into the beauty of Halong and Lan Ha Bay. 

Last but not least, I cannot forget to mention the Peony Cruise and BestPrice Travel teams. We were filled with gratitude for the warm hospitality and exceptional service provided by them.

Have you experienced the magic of Peony Cruise? Share your thoughts and memories in the comments below. Your feedback is invaluable and may inspire others to opt for the best cruise in Halong Bay.


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