Navigating Lauderdale Airport: 5 Tips for Practicality and Convenience

The Fort Lauderdale Airport is considered by many to be in one of the nicer parts of Florida. There are gorgeous beaches, high-end restaurants, and a laid-back atmosphere that appeal to vacationers and retirees alike. If you’re navigating the Fort Lauderdale Airport, though, you should have a game plan before heading in that direction.

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We will discuss a few tips for your convenience and practicality right now.

Consider Renting a Car There

If you are considering car rental, Fort Lauderdale Airport has several agencies from which to choose. If you go this route, you can avoid catching a bus or grabbing a taxi as you’re leaving and heading off on your vacation or whatever other adventure has brought you to the city.

You can find Hertz, Alamo, and Enterprise all right around the same place, at 600 Terminal Drive. The staff at these agencies are always friendly and ready to serve you. It’s helpful to call ahead and have a car waiting, but you can also usually rent one on the spot if you didn’t plan this step of the process ahead of time.

Look Into the Park-and-Ride Shuttles

The Fort Lauderdale Airport has what are called Park-and-Ride shuttles. If you are flying out of or into this airport, you should know about them since they’re inexpensive and easy to find.

If you take one of these shuttles, you avoid having to pay for parking. Parking at the airport can quickly get expensive, and the Park-and-Ride option lets you park somewhere off-site instead.

Just How Much Does Parking Cost at the Airport?

If you decide to park your vehicle at this airport, expect to pay up to $36 per day. That can add up pretty quickly. However, how much it costs to park at the Fort Lauderdale Airport also depends on where exactly you chose.

The reason for the high price tag for parking is how busy the airport is. Most years, as many as 45 million people fly into and out of it. That puts it just outside the list of the top ten busiest airports in the country.

What if You Park in an Off-Site Parking Lot?

If you drove to the airport, then parking somewhere off-site might seem like a sensible choice if you want to avoid higher lot costs. However, some off-site lots adjacent to the airport are a lot more costly than others.

That is because some off-site lots are privately owned, while some are still owned by the airport. If you’re going to do this, a little research beforehand is crucial. Park by the Ports is usually one of the cheaper choices.

Locate One of the Better Off-Site Parking Lots

If you decide to park your car at an off-site lot when flying out of the Fort Lauderdale Airport, look for a few key features of the lot you choose. A low price is always great, but you should also try to find one that’s well-lit and offers free shuttle services to your terminal.


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