Moving To Greece – All You Need To Know

If you’re living in any country in Europe and are thinking of moving to Greece, you’ve made a wise decision. Greece is paradise on earth, for its rich landscape, waters, and islands. They also have a good economy and offer you the opportunity to prosper. Here is everything you need to know about Greece before you move.

Santorini Greece

Decide On Where to Live

The most important thing you need to know before moving to Greece is where to live. There are over 100 places; including cities, regions, and islands you can live in Greece. Your lifestyle will determine the place you’re going to stay in. You can live in the city to enjoy nightlife and top bars, on in the town and villages for a quiet life and exceptional cuisine.

You’ll have to Use Cash More

To live in Greece, you’re going to have to get used to spending cash instead of credit cards. While the big hotels and restaurants may accept credit cards that are not possible for people with small businesses. Most of your shopping will be done in cash since you will have to buy mostly from people with small family-run shops and local bars.

Learn the Language

Greeks do speak foreign languages, especially English. However, you will still need to learn the local language. People appreciate it when visitors and immigrants speak their language. That can open to you several doors of opportunities, in business and personal relationships. The good thing is the Greek language is not very hard to learn. You can start the basic lessons online to know the words for essential elements and objects.

Get Legal Help

You will surely need legal help from professional lawyers in Greece if you’re going to live in the country. From getting a house to securing a job, some issues may require the help of an attorney. The legal advisor has in-depth knowledge on issues of legality and government in Greece. They will be able to provide you with adequate guidance on how to make things work for you efficiently.

You will learn about employment laws and how to be eligible to apply for positions in an organization. If you’re starting a business, your counsel will provide you with details on how you can get it up and running. You will also get advice on property laws if you want to purchase a house for your business or residential use. Lawyers will also furnish you with information on family law. You’ll learn the necessary things about getting married, raising children, divorce, and family life.

Get Ready For Community Lifestyle

Greeks are community people who do things together. So, you will have to learn to live where you have so much in common with your neighbours. Get ready to take part in parties, name days, and so on because they are a big thing here. Easter is the most important holiday in Greece, with lots of eating, drinking, and merrymaking. You may also become part of festivals, and celebrations like you’ve never experienced before. Prepare to take part in organizing and community response to help Greeks plan for coming visitors and tourists.


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