Beyond The Beach: Exploring Luxury Travel Destinations in The Caribbean

The Caribbean islands have a lot to offer, including centuries of colonial history, native spices mixed with European flavors, and several avenues for adventure and relaxation. An idyllic getaway destination, the Caribbean is known best for its crystal-clear blue waves, powdery white sand, and coconut-filled palm palms. But that’s not all this island group has to offer. 

There are tons of luxury travel destinations and resorts that are off the beaten road and make for an equally enjoyable experience in the Caribbean islands. Each of these places is endowed with pristine beauty and unique specialties that make them worth your visit. In this article, we talk about some of these must-visit travel destinations beyond the beach in the Caribbean that should be on your radar. 

Montego Bay – Jamaica 

sea in Jamaica

Few islands can boast as many rivers winding through lush valleys, lofty mountain peaks, and one of the world’s most extensive coffee plantations as Jamaica. Montego Bay is the third most populous city on the island, with something for every traveller.  

One can call it a wonderful crossroads of cultures, bustling with natives, tourists, and foreigners who have settled on the soil. If you’re wondering what to do in Montego Bay, there is no dearth of exuberant bars and pubs, exquisite restaurants, art streets, and beautiful monuments apart from sparkling, vibrant beaches.  

The Pitons – St Lucia 

It’s no wonder that the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia looks straight out of a Jurassic Park movie scene, thanks to its most photographed landmark – the twin peaks or Pitons. Towering more than half a mile above sea level, the Pitons are dotted with several breath taking resorts, plantations, and trails packed with a slew of activities for travellers. 

While the Petit Piton is rocky and nearly vertical, the taller Gros Piton is the one to scale. We suggest you start early in the morning to reach the summit before the midday sun becomes too hot. January, February, and March are excellent months to travel considering the soil is dry at the time. Other wonders in St. Lucia include volcanic beaches, fishing communities, and diving locations. 

Habana Vieja – Cuba 

Cuba’s most populous and most visited city, Havana, is known for its array of musical theatres and opulent rum bars, and for being the muse of Camila Cabello’s renowned hit. The city’s old town, or Habana Vieja in Spanish, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can admire the island’s unique architecture of restored Spanish buildings, churches, and palaces. 

The city buzzes throughout the day with marketplaces and tourist trails and comes alive at night with song and dance. Habana Vieja is also dotted with several museums, street-side performances, and craft streets. Habana Vieja’s 200-year-old bar El Floridita is where Ernest Hemingway famously downed daiquiris following a long day of typing. 

Inagua – The Bahamas 

the pigs is a reason to visit the Bahamas

Inagua is a pristine and largely uninhabited island, and the southernmost in the Bahamas island group. Great Inagua has only about 1200 residents in all but is home to more than 80,000 flamingos that congregate around Lake Rosa. On the other hand, Little Inagua is the largest deserted island in the Caribbean that was declared a national park in 2002. 

The deserted islands have become a sanctuary for eco-tourism in the Caribbean, and nature-seeking tourists can observe 140 different native and migratory species such as flamingos, parrots, and pelicans. Little Inagua serves as a nesting area for critically endangered sea turtles that are best visited in the months of August and September. 

San Juan – Puerto Rico 

All you need to do is drive a few hours from any location in the US Commonwealth Island of Puerto Rico to reach San Juan, the island’s capital. San Juan is where tourists in the Caribbean must head for Puerto-Rican style night out boasting of an array of bars and clubs. 

Usually a wild affair concentrated on the old town, partying in San Juan is all about having pina coladas till the wee hours of the morning. The lavender mule is one of their specialties, which is a blend of Ketel One vodka, ginger tea, and lavender cordial. La Factoria is one of the finest bars on the island, and a must-visit for those wanting to experience the island’s mixology.  

Colorful Downtown – Curacao 

The Dutch Island of Curacao is a must-visit because of the vibrantly painted buildings like a real-life diorama. No buildings are allowed to be painted black, though! A short drive from the city will take you to beaches, coves, coral reefs, and other natural attractions that include nests of enormous, amiable sea turtles. 

A Trip to The Caribbean is What You Need! 

If you’re looking for some sun, beach, and relaxation, a trip to the Caribbean might be just what you need. The Caribbean is the ideal tropical escape, and while it is known for its palm-lined beaches, rum-fuelled dancing, and lush jungle excursions, it is also home to some of the most opulent and unusual places on earth. 

The Caribbean is also one of the most culturally diverse regions on the earth, and as a result, each island has its own unique characteristics. The islands are rich in African culture, which was brought to the area by the trafficking of slaves. They are also steeped in numerous British, Spanish, French, and Dutch ancestries. It’s time to plan a Caribbean getaway if your notion of a holiday includes sandcastles and destinations rich in history, significance, and culture.  


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