Enjoy a great stay in these five luxury apartments

How do you enjoy a thrilling vacation from the monotonous cycle of everyday living? Your guess might not be as good as mine, but if you really opt for leaving your life temporarily for a more serene and picturesque environment and away from the daily drone of your activities, then you should select from an array of exotic destinations dotted around the world. These exotic destinations provide luxurious properties where individuals can rent for the duration of their getaway. Karta.com is one great place to rent these.  

After the COVID-19 pandemic that canceled most (if not all) travel plans of the year 2020 and a chunk of the subsequent year, more individuals have appreciated the need to relax and enjoy life’s pleasures more after the harrowing experience of the pandemic. Some other individuals have prepared a bucket list of places to visit personally or with loved ones. 

Hence this is a list of five luxury places to enjoy that brief or lengthy vacation individually or with family without the hassles of searching endlessly for picture-perfect places. This is the cream of the crop.

1. Crete, Greece

Knossos Crete Greece
Ever experienced the pink shades of the Elafonissi Beach? Well, no better place to have a closer experience than where it is located. Crete is an island in the Southern part of Greece which possesses rich flora and fauna. It is one of the most attractive locations in the Southeastern part of Europe. It is responsible for a sizable number of tourist attractions in Greece.

For a global traveler who wants to enjoy the sights of nature, there are mountains and gorges in the area. It is also rich with historical sites such as the archeological sites of Greece (such as Phaistos and Gortyn) and the museum, which contains relics of ancient Greece. 

If you crave a luxury place to cool off after exertions of touring, look no further than the Nuez Villas, which are two expansive structures situated in a rich expanse of the garden in mochlos. The terrain of the Nuez Villas overlooks the sea, gently sloping downward with the land terminating at the edge of the sea. The scenic apartments contain two bedrooms, each with a perfect view of the surrounding. This place is the perfect entwining of nature and human aesthetics.

2. Florida, USA

Miami skyline
The state is home to the best sights in the US. Some noteworthy sights in the region include the Universal Studios, Everglades National Park, Busch Gardens Tampa, Seaworld Orlando, and the National monument at the Castillo de San Marcos. These are just a few. You also know you could have a dip in the Atlantic when you visit Miami beach on a hot summer day. It is one of the most welcoming coastal stretches with amazing sands. You also get a slice of history with the Art Deco Historic District. 

For a more classic indoorsy experience that would replace the pleasures of booking a luxury hotel, the Dolphin Retreat Villa in Boca Raton is a fine choice. The property is a well-furnished and polished apartment that offers outdoor activities such as taking a dip in the swimming pool or hot tub. There is also an expanse of green in the area where you could test your golf skills. It is the best travel destination you would come across if you are swiping your screen for one.

3. Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles skyline
It is the second-largest place by population in the USA. It might be regarded as the city of the angels because of the name, but it has a lot of angel-worthy locations for citizens and tourists alike. It is the travel destination for global travelers and, of course, a hotspot for individuals inclined to stay lavish. The most notable sights in the city include the National Museum, Getty Center, and Long Beach. Without any mention of Beverly hills, all these places are practically spoiled for vacation choices.  

At the boulevard in South crescent heights, there is a lavish 3-bedroom villa with a lush garden located just outside. The property has a traditional feel which is accentuated by the presence of the garden. There is a patio where you can kick up your foot and relax with a chilled mojito.

4. Nha Trang, Vietnam
You would agree that coastal areas offer the best sights that would have an uncanny resemblance to an artistic piece. Surreal but real, no iota embellishment, just nature splayed outwards with a sprinkle of human aesthetics. The scene perfectly describes this Southern city of Vietnam.  

The beach Nha Trang is a long stretch of Palm trees, beach sands, and resorts surrounded by green-backed mountains. It is the prime choice to make a hotel booking in a luxury hotel. There are aerial cable cars to transport you to Hòn Tre Island and boats to other islands such as Hòn Mun and Hòn Tằm islands. 

The Vanity villa is the recommended property to lodge in while you are in Vietnam. It truly offers a unique experience matched by only a few places worldwide. The glass-walled property overlooks the ocean with luxury facilities such as a bar, spa, and sauna. You could also take time out to go snorkeling and have a view of the beautiful coral reefs decorating the ocean bed.

5. Victoria, Australia

The city down under is unique for so many characteristics, one of which is housing the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world. Victoria is located at the edge of the world, and with a proper tour of the city, you would come across the sandy beaches, national parks, and a bird’s eye view of Westport Bay. Melbourne is close by for an Australian Open experience

The Iluka Blue is located in the town of Wye in the region of Victoria. It offers a snug comfort where you can enjoy the serene ripple of the sea close by. It is the perfect opportunity to stay lavish and enjoy the benefits of every cent spent.


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