The Ultimate Iceland Packing List

Not sure what to pack for Iceland? I just came back from Iceland so I have put together the ultimate Iceland packing list for both men and women with everything you need to bring to Iceland.

Iceland Packing List

what to wear to Iceland packing list
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Below is a comprehensive packing list for a trip to Iceland.

Essentials for Iceland

• European Travel Adaptor – European travel adaptor for your electronics.

• External Battery –  External battery to recharge phone, camera or other electronics (this is one of my travel essential items for any trip)

• Universal waterproof phone case  – Keep smartphones dry with this waterproof case at geothermal pools like the Blue Lagoon or when getting close to waterfalls.

• Camera/photography gear – Iceland is very photogenic so don’t forget to bring your camera!  A GoPro or an affordable underwater camera is great for taking photos at waterfalls or when snorkeling at Silfra. If you are traveling alone or as a couple, you might want to bring a selfie stick/portable tripod to take amazing photos of yourself. Don’t forget to bring an extra memory card.

 Scarf –  A warm scarf is a must in Iceland.

• Sunglasses – Iceland are a must on sunny days! For optimum protection I prefer polarized sunglasses with dark lenses like this pair for women.

• Reusable water bottle –  I like this insulated water bottle because it keeps my water cool. While the water in Iceland is safe to drink, you might want a water bottle with build in filter if you plan to fill up your bottle at rivers or streams.

• Bathing suits  – Don’t forget to pack at least 1-2 bathing suits if you plan to visit a swimming pool or a geothermal spa like the Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon.

• Gloves – A pair of gloves is a must especially if visiting Iceland in the winter. I recommend bringing a pair of waterproof touch screen gloves like this pair.

• Hat – A warm hat is a must if visiting Iceland in the winter. If visiting Iceland in the warmer months consider also bringing a baseball cap or a hat with protection like Coolibar hats.

What to Wear to Iceland: Clothes and Shoes

Iceland packing list

The locals in Iceland are used to tourists so you do not have to dress up and can pretty much wear what you want. The weather changes quickly and can vary depending where you go so dressing in layers is key. To figure out what the weather will be like when you visit Iceland, check the average temperature by month at weatherbase.com.

• Baselayers – I suggest packing at list 2-3 baselayer tops. I packed both a lightweight baselayer and a midweight baselayer top that I wore under my sweaters. If you are visiting Iceland in the winter, you might want to pack thermal underwear pants to wear under your pants but personally I found this unnecessary.

• Sweaters/Turtlenecks  –  Bring 2-3 sweaters or turtlenecks that you can wear on top of your baselayer shirts. I wore and recommend this turtleneck for Iceland and it was both warm and lightweight.

• Fleece jacket or hoodie – Pack at least 1 fleece zip up to wear over your sweater and baselayer to keep warm (this is was my 3rd layer). I usually kept my thicker coat off when driving and would just run out in my fleece for quick photos or errands.

• Rainproof jacket or warm coat – Make sure to pack a rainproof wind resistant jacket or coat. I prefer a jacket with a hood for maximum warmth.  If you are visiting in the summer months you can pack a lightweight rain jacket like this one. If you are traveling in the winter, choose a thicker winter coat like this one. I would skip a travel umbrella because they might be hard to hold because of the wind.

• Pants –  Bring at least 1 or 2 pairs of pants including hiking pants or leggings (for women). I wore this pair of water resistant fleece lined leggings which kept me warm.

• Waterproof pants –  If your hiking pants are not waterproof, you might want to wear a pair of waterproof rain pants over your pants when visiting waterfalls.

• Shirts/tops –  Pack at least 1 short sleeve shirt, like a t-shirt or a performance short sleeve tee for the hotel even in the winter.

• Hiking boots – Make sure to pack a pair of waterproof hiking boots. I wore this pair of hiking boots and found them comfortable.

• Comfortable walking shoes – If you have room, you can bring another pair of walking shoes in addition to your hiking boots that you can wear at restaurants or when walking around town. Personally, I brought a pair of black sneakers which I also wore on my flight. You can also bring a pair of black rainboots like this one.

• Flip-flops – You want to bring a pair of flip flops if plan to visit the Blue Lagoon or to use in hotel showers. Havaianas flip flops are great because they have great traction and don’t slip when walking on wet surfaces.

• Socks –  Bring a few pairs of warm hiking socks. You might also want to pack 1-2 pairs of compression socks if you have a long flight.

• Underwear and bras –  If you are checking luggage, pack at least 1 of each in your carry on bag in case your checked luggage is lost or delayed. ExOfficio underwear is great for travel because it is breathable, quick-drying fabric and odor-resistant.

Other Things to Pack for Iceland

• Passport
• Cash, credit cards, ATM cards
• Glasses, contacts, contact lens solution
• Medication and prescriptions
• Antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer
• Electronics (smartphone, computer, tablet, kindle, cords, memory cards, tripod)
Apple AirTags, Samsung Galaxy SmartTags or other luggage trackers to put in your checked luggage
• Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
• Toiletries (makeup, lotion, deodorant, tissues, comb/brush, feminine products, razor, shampoo/conditioner/soap)
Noise cancelling headphones or earplugs
• An eye mask to sleep on your flight or block out the sun if your hotel does not have black out curtains (epecially if visiting in the summer)
• Body wipes to wipe off sweat
• First aid kit (band aids, pain reliever, allergy medicine, anti-nausea medicine, antacid tablets, charcoal tablets, qtips)
• Lip balm with UV protection – Don’t forget to protect your lips! Most people apply sunscreen but they overlook sun protection for their lips
• Sunscreen  – Don’t forget to bring sunscreen with high SPF to protect you from the strong sun. Sunscreen is easy to find in Iceland if you forget to pack it.
• A quick drying travel towel to wipe off if visiting local swimming pools or after getting wet from rain or at waterfalls.
Packing cubes
HotHands Toe, Hand & Body Warmers if visiting in winter
Daypack, tote or purse for sightseeing. It is best to choose one tha is packable and water resistant.
Reusable bag for carrying groceries or shopping for souvenirs (stores in Iceland charge for plastic bags).
TSA approved locks
• Notebook and pen

These are my travel essentials for Iceland. Is there anything else I should add to my Iceland travel packing list?


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