How To Plan A Family Holiday In Orlando

When it comes to popular tourist locations in the U.S., Florida is a state that usually comes to one’s mind. It has theme parks, sweet and fresh oranges, and natural wonders. Hence, it’s a favorite vacation spot for people seeking a little warmth and excitement in their lives.

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Orlando, in particular, is a family-friendly city filled with fun attractions. So, seeing several families visit it during the holidays is no surprise.

Planning well should be your priority if you wish to travel to Orlando with your family for the first time. Thorough preparation will make any trip run with fewer bumps and surprises. So, before you set off, read this article for tips that’ll allow for a fun Orlando holiday with your loved ones.

1. Book Accommodations Suited For Families

First on the list is to find a place to stay in Orlando. Young kids can get fussy sometimes when they’re uncomfortable or bored. To curb any possible temper tantrums, book accommodation that caters best to families with young children.

Several Orlando home rentals offer amenities like swimming pools and indoor playgrounds, which will keep the kids busy. Don’t worry about your and your spouse’s needs. These rentals should also have facilities for adults to enjoy themselves and get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Note that accommodations for families may be near the tourist spots and amusement parks most people visit. So, try to book a place as early as possible to avoid having nowhere to stay in Orlando.

2. Schedule Your Trip During Favorable Weather

Florida is blessed with sunny weather that’s perfect for growing oranges. However, it’s also prone to tropical storms and hurricanes.

Before settling on a travel date, check out weather forecasts in the state to decide the best time to visit. This way, you can save yourself from experiencing heavy downpours or high humidity.

Most families visit during summer when the children are out of school. But that means the city gets packed. If you and the kids prefer fewer crowds while vacationing, consider going to Orlando during fall instead when possible.  The overall temperature will be much cooler, meaning no excessive sweating while walking around places. It also tends to rain hard in the summer, and you don’t want your family lining up for rides in raincoats.

3. Scour For The Best Deals And Stay Within Budget

Unless you’ve saved up enough to splurge, your budget should be on top of your mind. Traveling with a group, especially a family with multiple children, can get expensive.

The flight to Orlando itself may be pricey. So, book your flights early to get cheaper tickets for everyone. For U.S. tourists, try booking one to three months in advance. If you’re coming from another country, purchase your tickets at least three to five months before departure.

Once in Orlando, your kids might want to see several things simultaneously, which almost always costs money. Remind them that you’re not there to do everything but to enjoy what you can. Your family can still have fun without spending much. The trip to and from Orlando can also be entertaining and educational when you incorporate free, interactive math games to pass the time.

4. Finalize How Long You’ll Stay
When you have kids enjoying a city with many things to see and do, it’s sometimes difficult to return home. But you can’t stay in your holiday destination forever. So, decide how long you want to visit Orlando. Allow the kids to join the planning so everyone has a say and remains in the loop.

Since Orlando has over 20 theme parks, you must decide how many you’ll visit. You could squeeze in as much as you want, but that’d mean checking each one for shorter periods. To avoid complaints from the whole family, settle on a feasible schedule with which the kids agree.

Consider a ten-day to two-week stay to visit every central theme park and other popular attractions. There’s nothing wrong with seeing a few sites if you can only visit for a week due to budget or time constraints. You could schedule another family holiday in Orlando next time or make it a yearly activity.

5. Open Your Itinerary To Other Attractions
Amusement parks aren’t the only sites to visit in Orlando. As mentioned, the city and the state have many worthwhile places. So, if you can’t check out all the theme parks, try visiting Orlando’s lesser-known spots.

The best part about lowkey tourist attractions is that they often cost less. They’re a great boon to families traveling on a tight budget. Some child-friendly options you can consider include the following:

  • Museum of Osteology
  • Mead Botanical Garden
  • Safari Wilderness

Orlando is also a fantastic place to watch spectator sports. You and the kids can catch a game of basketball or football or even a rodeo if you’re there at the right time.

The city has many activities and tourist spots that you have no excuse to stick with its well-known theme parks.


A family holiday with young children only becomes stressful if you don’t plan. So, apply these valuable tips before you embark on a new adventure. Now, you’re bound to have a smooth- sailing trip with the family in sunny Orlando!


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