How much does renting a yacht in Croatia cost?

Croatia is one of the world’s most incredible sailing spots. This ancient country is covered with thousands of islands and blessed with long, hot, and bright summers giving it over six months of sails and swims.


Whichever breathtaking Island you choose to explore, you are in for a thrilling experience. One that can be made even better by chartering your yacht

This article will discuss the cost of a yacht charter and how you can charter one. So pack your bags, and let us sail to wonderland!


Yacht charter in Croatia

Here are three kinds of yachts available to you;

Bareboat charter

Sailing a bareboat is perfect in Croatia, owing to its calm weather conditions alongside countless Islands to explore. It is the easiest way to go on a sailing trip. All you do is hire the boat of your choice and hit the sea. 

A bareboat comes with no skipper or crew members. However, you can only go for a bareboat if you are a skilled sailor and have your license.

Skippered yacht charter

While sailing the Croatian coast is safe and thrilling, a skippered yacht is always highly recommended. Skippered yacht offers a worry and stress-free getaway. 

This makes it perfect for more than amateur sailors but those who want to enjoy every moment in the dalmatian waterways.

The skipper will be entirely in charge of the yacht, and his familiarity with the region’s islands, customs, restaurants, beaches, and other enjoyable details sets you up for a fantastic sailing experience.

Crewed yacht charter

This kind of charter takes the thrills of a skippered yacht a bit further. A crewed yacht comes with a qualified skipper, a host, a cook, and sometimes a deckhand to assist with the rope work and mooring procedures.

A host makes the trip fanciful and memorable as they feed your ears with fascinating stories on the land’s history and cultural heritage. Personalised chefs serve the best Croatian cuisines and wines. 

All these add up to give you maximum comfort and relaxation.

The Process of Chartering a Yacht

Chartering a yacht is a relatively simple process you can complete in three simple steps;

  • Choose a reputable yacht charter company. Yacht In would fill this spot perfectly!
  • Pick the yacht you want to charter and the places you want to go. 
  • Fill out a contract and make a deposit.

Cost of a yacht charter in Croatia

Pricing is a crucial topic in sailing, yet it is only sometimes spoken about because it fluctuates widely.

Small yacht rentals typically cost between €1000 – €10,000 per week.

This is quite different for a motor yacht which costs around €10,000 – €65,000 per week depending on its makers.

Also, bigger yachts, such as a superyacht and mega yachts, cost way more. From about €50,000 – €250,000 or perhaps more.

Crewed boats always come with an extra charge for the crew members. It is vital to add that Catamarans are more expensive.

Fuel cost

The cost of fuel begins to count after you charter your yacht. It is, therefore, essential to set aside some money for fuel, as no sailing company includes that in the yacht fee.

Fuel costs can range from €70 to €200 per week, depending on your boat and sailing technique.

Marinas and port fees

Another thing to consider is the cost of Marinas and ports. But, again, this varies just like the seasons and yacht sizes.

A 45-foot yacht range from €90 to €120 at Marina’s in the Adriatic Sea.

National parks and other protected areas entrance fee

Croatia is a town with remarkable gardens and several appealing views where you go to feed your eyes and enjoy nature.

Some of the most popular are the Kornati Islands, Krka park, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Mljet, Blue Cave, Bievo Island, Green Cave, Ravnik Island, and a host of others.

To gain access to these beauties, you’ll need to pay an entrance fee of about €10 – €35.


Chartering a yacht and sailing the Croatian coastline is an experience that should be on every bucket list.

Discover our fleet of yachts today, and choose one suitable to make your dreams come alive!


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