Hacks for Staying Fit While You’re Travelling

doing yoga on coast

For many of us the ultimate challenge in pursuing our fitness goals is figuring out how we can keep on top of our routine when we’re travelling. Maybe you’re on the go for work or you’re taking a trip for pleasure, either way standby for some top tips for making sure you stay fit while you’re away from home.

Use a fitness app

A great way to keep up with your fitness when you’re away from home is to do workouts that don’t require equipment. One of the easiest ways to this is by using fitness apps, like 30 Days Fitness Challenge for example. You will soon realize that there are lots of workouts that you can do on the go like HIIT, bodyweight exercises or even a yoga routine. Moreover, none of these need much room so you could even give them a go in the comfort of your hotel room.

Find a local gym

You don’t always need to be a member to take advantages of the facilities that local gyms have to offer, a quick Google search before you leave for your trip could help you find a free guest pass for the day. Many gyms have signed up to a class pass system that allows you to pay for a block of classes and drop in to one at any gym you like.

Bring a jump rope along
Cardio equipment doesn’t necessarily mean a treadmill or an elliptical- think old school and pop a jump rope into your carry on so you can get that cardio fix on your balcony, on the beach or just about anywhere else.

Hit the hotel gym/pool
Before you even leave for your trip you can research hotels with a gym or a pool in the area. You’ll often find that hotel gyms have state of the art equipment and almost no-one using it so you can workout to your heart’s content just as though you were in the comfort of your local gym.

Keep your nutrition in check
Just because you’re away from home it doesn’t mean that it’s time to binge. Keep making the same good decisions as you do year round, but if you’re taking a holiday don’t forget that it’s ok to allow yourself a healthy treat here and there. Balance is key.

Drink more water than usual
This is especially important if you’re flying, as we all experience dehydration when exposed to the circulated air on a plane. Keep your water bottle with you so you can hydrate on the go, and look out for the water fountains that are now installed at many airports.

I always love to hear your tips, so what are your recommendations for keeping fit while travelling?


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