5 Great Temples You Should Visit While in Delhi 

An incredible place that blends culture effortlessly well, one that showcases religion in the most tasteful of ways, Delhi reaches into the heart of many. With elegant facades juxtaposing gritty streets, and structures as glorious as ever soaring through the sky, Delhi is one of a kind. There is a huge population of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist temples in Delhi, meaning almost every corner of Delhi boasts its own temple.

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The capital of India has a rich history and therefore it’s no surprise that the spellbinding mosques stand next to Mughal monuments and gorgeous temples contrast flourishing gardens…It’s almost impossible to choose what the best temples in Delhi are as each is unique in their own way – but some tend to steal the show. In this article I will talk about the best temples you should check out and give tips on how to plan your trip.

Askhardam is simply the largest temple in the world, one that is completely renowned for its striking architecture as well. The idols, the intricate carvings that give this temple its personality, and the location at the heart of the Jaipur make this a hard-to-miss-out-on temple.

Going back to 10,000 years, this temple is simply gigantic – reflecting the beliefs of Hindu and Indian culture better than any other temple in the world. Unlike other temples, you won’t find any cement or concrete here. The temple simply completes its grandiose by gold, marbles and sandstone to exemplify the Hindu culture and architecture.
You’ll find the door of devotion, the Garden of Eden, various exhibitions and a chance for you to discover the life Bhagwan Swaminarayan who was a great sage of Hinduism.

Things to check out:  

  • The ten gates symbolizing the ten guardians of the directions.  
  • The grand gates of the complex.  
  • The charnarvind (large marble replica of the footprints of Bhagwan Swaminarayan) 
  • All the holy symbols.  
  • Stroll around the Narayan Peeth.  
  • The Gajendra Peeth.  

You begin by visiting the stone gates, and then pass through the gate of devotion, the peacock gate and this is where you find the holy footprints.  

The Hanuman Mandir 

Located inside of the tiger park of Sariska, this temple is beautifully nestled inside a hillside surrounded with lush forests and unique foliage. With its rock carvings and its allure, this temple boasts quite a mysterious vibe that reflects the deities, and the religion. It was actually one of the five temples that were built during the time of the Mahabharata. Dating back to that time, visiting the temple is one of the most famous things to do in Delhi.

You’ll find a shrine at first that is marked by a statue of the Lord hanuman (soaring to a staggering 108ft!) that you can see from both metro stations nearby. Of course other than that statue, you’ll find images of other lords like Lord Shri Rama and Devi Sita.

The Lotus Temple 

Definitely one of the most unique temples in all of Delhi, the Lotus temple is definitely one of a kind. No matter where you go, and no matter where you travel there is no other temple like it. What makes it so unique is the fact that the Bahai concept is implemented, and therefore the temple welcomes all religions.

Built in the shape of a Lotus flower, the temple reaches a height of a staggering 40m, and reflects all things grandiose in the architectural world. White marble, modern architecture and beautiful designs juxtapose strikingly with the concrete jungle that surrounds it. Over twenty seven marble petals are there rising from pools and ponds and walkways, and paths lead you to different rooms. People from every country, every religion and every ethnicity are welcomed in the temple – and you’ll find all different religious backgrounds in the main prayer hall.

Gudwara Temple 

The Gudwara Temple is one of the most famous Sikh Gurdwara (house of worships) in the world and in New Delhi. With its stunning golden dome piercing through the sky and its world renowned flagpole, this house of worship is an architectural gem. You’ll instantly recognize it due to its golden dome, and the Nishan Sahib. Originally, the place was actually a “Bungalow” hence the name of “Bangla Sahib”.

Before you enter that shrine, all you do is take a holy dip in the pond that surrounds the temple (also known as the sarovar or the holy pond.) The hall inside, and the rest of the temple are also bound to make you feel overwhelmed with incredible feelings – a rush of devotion, spirituality and utter awe. Make sure to check out the school, the art gallery, the kitchen and of course, the pond.  

ISKCON Temple 

This is also one of the most visited temples in Delhi not only due to its popularity, but also due to the massive structure that it embodies. It is dedicated to Lord Kirshna, and offers an incredible raw glimpse into international Hinduism.

People from all different backgrounds, devotees and tourists all meet at this place to get inspired by the architectural styles there. You’ll find a blend of Mughal, Gupta and even flashy Delhi styles!

Numerous rooms, halls, and four board sections make it a delight to explore…Check out the walls of the temples decorated by Russians, indulge in the different portraits, and discover the numerous rooms. Remember – the architecture in the temple is the main attraction.

This list could go on forever, there are hundreds of temples and interesting places to visit in Delhi and hundreds in India alone and discovering them all would take a lifetime. It’s a matter of what resonates with you but know for a fact that the temples will leave an impression on you no matter what. Spiritual, architecturally incredible and unique – everything about them is great.


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