Find Accommodation on the Cheap

 Even if you have fallen on hard times, you still need to keep living your life as normally as you can. That includes traveling as well. Even if you are considering bankruptcy, or you are in the process of bankruptcy, you can still have a vacation and not spend a whole lot of money. Experts at The Bankruptcy Lawyers Chang & Diamond, APC give you some ideas how to recoup after a bankruptcy in this article. But if you’re still facing this problem, find some ideas in this article.

Plan Thoroughly

Before you start, you need to be sure that you use every single cost cutting option you can. One of the most important tips you can get is –pay in cash. Everything you pay for with your credit cards is recorded and you may be reproached for spending money in this situation. Make a plan of where you want to go and places you want to see. Look up any savings you can find online and use them to your advantage. Last minute flights and can be surprisingly cheap. As for the accommodation, hotels tend to be expensive and charge for every little thing, like Wi-Fi or air conditioning. They are probably out of the question, but fortunately, there are numerous other options.


This method of traveling is fairly old, but the company and the website of the same name has been out there since 2003. Couchsurfing connects travelers all around the world. Some people offer their hospitality for free, and in turn, they get an amazing experience with travelers. The website has a rating system, so it is fairly safe and reliable. If you offer your home to travelers, you have better chances of being hosted as well.


If sharing a home with someone is not your idea of relaxation, there are other options. Some people not only offer a bed in their home, they offer up their entire homes to strangers via Airbnb. If you haven’t used it before, it is also a web based service which lets homeowners lease their homes to travelers for the duration of days or weeks, rather than months. Just like Couchsurfing, it has an internal rating system for both hosts and guests, so you can be fairly sure about the place you are about to rent, as well as the host being sure about the people they are letting into their home. This service, unlike Couchsurfing, is paid, but it is often significantly cheaper than a hotel. Hostels Even though hotels are expensive, their younger sibling, hostels, can be much more wallet-friendly. They do come with fewer amenities than hotels, but when you are on a tight budget, you can give up some luxuries. If you are comfortable with it, hostels even offer dormitory style accommodation with multiple beds per room for a fraction of the cost of a hotel room. If you are focused on really experiencing your holiday destination and plan to only visit your accommodation for sleeping, this kind of place can be ideal for you.


Find Accommodation on the Cheap

Finally, there’s the grandfather of all cheap accommodations – camping. You only need a tent and possibly a permit to spend the night just about anywhere on public lands in the USA. However, there are no amenities at all, so you may want to consider that before you opt for this. There are numerous campsites all across the USA with running water and toilets, but you will need to pay some money to stay there. As you can see, a resourceful traveler can find a way to travel on a shoestring budget. If your wanderlust is strong, pack up and hit the road.


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