Fastest Ways To Get from Vienna to Prague? 

Those wishing to travel from Vienna to Prague look for the most convenient way to travel. There are buses, private cabs, and trains. What a passenger seeks is a comfort, shorter time duration, and lower costs when traveling. Train from Vienna to Prague is usually the most convenient way as they can cover the distance in about 4 hours. There are several airlines too that run between the cities, but the costs can go higher. Hence trains remain the popular means of reaching Prague from Vienna. 


After exploring the stunning architecture of Vienna, you can look forward to enjoying the bohemian atmosphere of Prague. Traveling by train between these cities is easy, affordable, and fast. Prague being in the heart of Europe, it is not very far. European trains are an efficient way to travel between cities. There are direct daily trains from Vienna to Prague as well as an overnight service. Trains from Vienna depart for Prague from the main station, Wien Hauptbahnhof, which is located on the south side of the city. Trains run every two hours. You can catch the first train that leaves very early in the morning. 

A nice thing about taking a train from Vienna to Prague is that it is indeed a great experience. The short trip of about four hours is indeed enjoyable and most comfortable. The trains are fast, and the cabins are spacious with lots of space for the luggage. Moreover, the scenery n the route is indeed spectacular as you cross the villages, small towns and the countryside.  

One can buy the tickets online or get them at the train station in Vienna. Sometimes, buying the tickets online can be expensive. So the cheapest approach is to head towards the counter in the main station and buy the ticket. There are plenty of trains that leave for Prague from Vienna every day. So, you will never face any problem arriving at the station and buying the ticket or getting a seat on the train. Of course, you need to arrive a bit early if looking for the window seat. The cost of the train tickets is about 19 Euro or less. Most travelers offset some of the costs by booking ahead of time and looking for the lowest prices. 

EuroCity train is immensely popular among the locals and the tourists as they are modern and luxurious. They are a fast and the most comfortable way to travel from Vienna to Prague. You are sure to reach your destination in about an hour. Get a Eurail Pass that allows you to board the train anytime. The train pass allows you to travel on nearly every train in Europe. You can buy one that fits your vacation plans and preferences as the pass comes in all shapes and sizes. If you want to sleep during your journey, then go for the Euronight Metropol night train. The journey takes about 6 hours but is comfortable. You can sleep throughout and wake up in Prague. Railjet trains are also popular as they are quite comfortable 


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