Experiencing The US Like Never Before

Land of Freedom. Land of Promises. The American Dream. A place to start new. A place to grow your empire. The United States of America have fascinated countless generations. As a result, millions of tourists travel every year to discover the country of dreams. But at the same time, there is more to the USA than the promise of building an empire. Nobody can forget the history of the Native Americans, and while there is so little left, every element is to be cherished and protected. On the one hand, it’s the land where everything is big and buoyant. But on the other hand, it was the country of Native Indians before, and they are brought a subtle complexity that no tourist can ignore. So how do you best experience the U.S. different faces? The answer might be surprising, especially if you were expecting to cross the country on the Route 66. But the best way to let the country take you on a journey through time, history and hopes is on the water.

Follow the route of your ancestors

Flying into the U.S. might be the quickest way to get there, but it means you are missing on an extraordinary experience, namely what a visitors from the past would have felt when they reach the east coast. If you have the time to plan your American trip, you could organize a sailing vacation that lets you reach the North American coastline by boat. If you’re looking for a good address to start, take a look at Globesailor reviews, the company lets you hire a boat with an experienced team of sailors — or not if you are confident managing the yacht by yourself. You won’t have any difficulty to understand the rush of optimism of visitors of the past, as you see the harbor of New York City appearing on the horizon.

Starting with NYC and remember immigrants’ stories

New York is the state that received the strongest volume of immigration throughout the history of the USA, as a result of its position, facing the Atlantic Ocean. Hundreds of millions of Americans can trace their ancestors to the port of New York City. That’s why the true experience of North America needs to start in Ellis Island, where everything began. However, do take a couple of days to visit NYC. The diversity of the city, the mixture of cultures, arts and communities are a statement about the history of America. It’s a country built by people who all over the world who came with the same dream: Making a living.

ellis island

Head to Florida for a dive into the history

But it would be foolish to forget about the native population. While you can find reserves and protected monuments, you will struggle to get a feel of how ancient the Native American population is. But ignore the clichés and sail down to Florida. Along the coast, you might be able to see the remains of one of the first burial sites which is now underwater. The prehistoric site is along the coast of Venice is fragile, so while you might be allowed to dive in the vicinity, you can’t disturb it.

From Native American burials to following the steps of your ancestors through Ellis Island, the water ways give you a different perspective on the USA.


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