Enjoying Cultural Rome 

Rome is an eclectic city, which has a long and illustrious history. Throughout the centuries it has remained an important and vibrant place to live and work.

cultural rome

It has managed to avoid falling into the trap some other cities have of becoming overrun with tourists. This modern city is still very much a cultural hub. The good news is that while you are visiting Rome you can also experience this side of the city. Booking a chartered plane to Rome is a great idea especially for those who wants to reserve their energy in roaming around to see the rich culture this city has to offer.

Attend a ballet performance

In Rome, Ballet Tickets are relatively easy for tourists to buy. But, they do tend to sell out fast, so it is best to go online and pre-book a performance. One of the best venues is the Rome Opera House’s Teatro Costanzi.

Enjoy an opera

On another night, you treat yourself to an opera. There are two opera houses in the city, but during the summer months, you can usually buy tickets for outdoor performances as well. Some of these are held in the ancient ruins and buildings that are dotted around the city. These performances are sure to be particularly memorable.

Increasingly, professional singers are running opera taster evenings. These are held in churches and other interesting venues. They are the perfect introduction to the world of opera for someone who has never attended a full-length performance.

Tour the opera house

If you want to you can also take a tour of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. Being able to go behind the scenes and see how the magic created is a great way to spend a couple of hours. It rarely rains in Rome, but if it does, move quickly, and book yourself onto this tour before it sells out.

Take the Vatican tours

The Vatican has always been a cultural center. Over the centuries, the world’s best architects and artists have left their mark on its buildings. You could spend months touring the Vatican’s chapels, official buildings, and museums and still not see everything that makes this place so special.

The fact that there is so much to see means that you do not want to waste time queuing especially if you only have one day in Rome. So, it really is worth, paying a bit extra and, pre-booking a skip the queue tour.

If you want to see the Sistine Chapel, book yourself on the early morning tour. This allows you get in and see the chapel before the crowds get in there. It is, by far, the best way to appreciate this beautiful place.

Rome for art lovers

As you would expect, over the centuries, Rome has been home to all kinds of artists. The city’s wealthy residents have commissioned and bought some wonderful works of art. Many of which can still be seen today.

The list of places art lovers should visit is a long one. Amongst the highlights are Raphael’s frescoes, which you can see at Villa Farnesina and Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne statue. These life-size statues are located in the Galleria Borghese. Seeing Caravaggio’s paintings in the Contarelli Chapel are also well worth adding to your itinerary.


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