7 Ways to See Denver On A Budget

Denver, Colorado has fast become a popular travel destination in the United States in the recent past. This growth in tourist numbers can be attributed to the many sporting events and venues in the city and the fact that Colorado was among the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. According to https://www.denver.org/about-visit-denver/facts-figures/, 17.7 million overnight visitors toured Denver and spent $7 billion in 2019 alone. 

Union Station in Denver
These statistics show that more and more people are choosing this beautiful city as a destination when planning a trip. If you intend to tour the great city of Denver soon, be sure to check out this complete list of things to do in Denver so that you don’t miss out on any vacation spot. If you are on a budget but want to make the most out of your vacation, don’t worry as you can tour Denver on a traveller’s dime. 

Let’s look at 7 interesting ways to see Denver on a budget.

  1. Hitch A Ride with A Friend Heading to Denver

One of the best ways of visiting Denver on a budget is by hitching a ride with a friend already heading to Denver. This way you can share the cost of gas, travel expenses, and lodging fees. 

  1. Be on The Lookout for Cheap Airfare Heading to Denver

Find out which airlines offer discounted ticketing to and from Denver. You can opt for a connecting flight to save extra cash if your budget is very tight. Take advantage of the layovers to check out a few of Denver’s sights and sounds. You can also survey small commuter airlines if the distance from Denver to your hometown is not very far. 

  1. Do Your Research on Affordable Accommodation in Denver

If you don’t intend to stay for long in Denver, you can always check out affordable Airbnb’s, hostels, and couch surfing that has fair pricing and offers great services for tourists. Do enough research before you leave. If you can, make sure that you call and speak to the contact person and plan for your arrival. 

  1. Cook at Home as Much as You Can

If you choose to stay in an Airbnb apartment or a hostel, be sure to buy your own groceries and make your own simple meals at home, it will help you to save time and money as well. 

  1. Use A Water Bottle

Instead of buying bottled water all the time, save money by investing in a quality water bottle and drink water directly from the tap. Denver’s tap water is delicious and totally safe to drink. 

  1. Take Advantage of The Happy Hour

Happy hour is a favorite time of the day for many tourists in Denver. The happy hour starts at 4 pm to 6 pm but sometimes, it can extend to late hours. During this time, many entertainment joints have special drink and food prices and there are plenty of budget-friendly hot spots in Denver to choose from. Take advantage of these offers and you will save a lot of cash. 

  1. Buy A Special Pass

If you intend to see a lot of the city in one trip, then be sure to buy yourself a CityPASS. The Denver CityPASS gives you access to up to 5 of Denver’s most popular tourist attractions for 7 days. Ideally, you will save up to 38% on admission fees when you visit the top tourist destinations.


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