Countries with the Most Innovative Green Initiatives

The world is changing by striving to create a green environment for future generations. Cutting out plastic wares and discounting hybrid cars to make them affordable are some measures. The hybrid vehicles will reduce air pollution from exhaust emissions, and is also made from eco-friendly material. Cutting on plastic will help save the marine ecosystem and minimize carbon emission that contributes to global warming during plastic production. 


The clean energy plan Australia is aimed at eliminating pollution by reducing dependence on fossil fuel. The country is investing in renewable energy by using plants to produce renewable energy. It intends to expand the use of hydropower and get rid of coal-fired power plants gradually throughout the next 15-20 years.  


Iceland is recognized as a leader in implementing eco-friendly policies to protect the environment. It has placed significant emphasis on utilizing landscapes to produce geothermal power. It is also fighting against ocean pollution and ensures controlled fishing and the provision of clean water.  


Switzerland has invested measures towards a green environment for many years now. It has established various energy-saving measures, and there are water recycling bins in public places. The country emphasizes on transport with low environmental impact through the train and carpooling systems. There is also the application of hydra energy.  


The country focuses on ensuring sustainable energy systems. This type of plan has emphasized the use of renewable energy sources and low carbon emission. It was part of the hybrid bus field test to reduce emissions.  


France has implemented legislation to make it eco-friendly and help conserve energy. It has fewer industries that harm the environment, hence less pollution. They have also changed production methods and resource usage to preserve the environment. It focuses significantly on water conservation.   


The Austrian government put measures to preserve the natural appearance of the environment. It has ensured waste disposal and chemical production institutions promising to minimize emissions. It has also incorporated ecological knowledge in agriculture by pesticide restriction. Austria put in place measures to prevent deforestation very recently as well. 


They have reduced the nitrogen emission scores and implemented measures to restore the environment. Finland prevents greenhouse gas emissions through the use of renewable energy sources and is proudly known as one of the highest green status countries in the world. They utilize wind power and have planned to ensure more than half of its electricity is from renewable sources.  


The country has ensured that commercial and residential facilities don’t emit greenhouse gases. It has emphasized the use of eco-friendly and renewable energy sources. They put in place strict and effective environmental laws and strategies towards ecological conservation. Norwegians teach children how to maintain their surroundings, which is believed to be the best move for the future.  



The African island has put in place measures for environmental protection, whether you expect it or not. Its ports are well protected to reduce pollution. There is a policy to generate power from non-fossils resources, which are plentiful on the island. There is a solar heating campaign in place. They also emphasize on use of recyclable materials for building. 

The world is likely to continue moving in the green environment direction. Green tourism is slowly but surely becoming a thing for most people. There are trends now even of people refusing to visit certain countries, if they don’t have any green plans in place to help save the world.  




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