5 Countries With the Best Quality of Life vs. Cost Ratio: Where Will Your Next Journey Take You?

If you are looking for an affordable place to visit and a great place to live, there are several places around the world that meet those requirements. While many countries have a lost cost ratio, they may not be places that are safe and friendly. These five countries are affordable destinations with friendly people who are happy to live there. These five countries are great choices for the Sanetraveller who wants to be around people who live well and have money to spend.

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Canada is regularly called the country with the best quality of life. The cities are clean, the citizens are healthy, and the job markets are stable. The Great White North has most everything, except year-round warmth. But, if you love seasons, hockey, and happiness, you cannot go wrong setting your sights on Canada.

Toronto and Montreal are world-class cities. Banff has mind-blowing skiing and mountain views. Vancouver is a city on the rise. Visiting Newfoundland and the islands on the east will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to old-world fishing villages. There are several reasons to visit Canada and take in the expanse from the Labrador Sea to the Bay of Alaska.


While Belize is far from the wealthiest country in the world, it is filled with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Add to it the nearly perfect weather and affordable prices, you will quickly see why Belize is on this list. It’s a paradise, but it’s prices are bargain-basement cheap. There are two big cities, Belize City, on the Caribbean Sea, and Belmopan, the newly named capital. Between the two lies mountains, conservation areas, and several national parks. Anyone who loves spending time outdoors will love Belize, as preserving nature is a top priority to the government and the citizens.


Gone are the days of the Vietnam War. Now, the Asian country is home to vibrant, young, and tech-savvy people who appreciate the warm climate, unique geography, and affordable prices. Da Nang is a safe city with quality health care and an unbelievable cost-of-living ratio. You can live big while spending very little in Vietnam.


Austria regularly finishes in the top five when it comes to the quality of life. The country is in the middle of Europe, making it easy to visit the rest of the continent. While Austria does not have any ocean-front property to boast about, it does have mountain views that will take your breath away. It has a rich cultural tradition, and of course, there is always The Sound of Music.


If you are looking for a warm, relaxed country, look no farther than Portugal. With the Atlantic Ocean on two sides, the country is home to beaches that blow the mind. If you want a big-city atmosphere, Lisbon has it. The country is affordable, which is making it a popular destination for travelers and ex-pats alike.


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