How To Have A Comfortable Cross-Country Drive

There is nothing quite like a drive through the countryside to re-invigorate the senses and provide an appreciation of the green and pleasant land. This short article provides some great tips for a comfortable cross-country drive.

car on a road trip

Plan the route

Ensure that you speak to locals; many country roads and interesting lanes that show as used may have become overgrown tracks. This is what the countryside is like and as such you must understand that the GPS may not be as up to date as you expected. Ask for information and advice at every opportunity, at roadside stops and wherever you fill up with petrol. You should also be clear as to what the roadside assistance options are for the duration of the trip and on the route that you have chosen to take. No one plans to have a mechanical breakdown, but these things happen and as such you should be aware of what your options for support and roadside assistance are.

Plan your stops

As much as you plan the drive, intermittent stops for rest are going to be important to ensure that your cross-country trip is delightful rather than disastrous. If you are planning a long trip, you might want to consider planning your rest stops in advance and plotting them when you determine the route as suggested above. These rest stops not only give you a break from driving but also include some beauty spots or landmarks. This can break up your journey and make the entire trip exciting, not just the destination. You should also understand what the prevailing weather conditions will be and if in winter plan ahead accordingly.

Know your vehicle

Be in a position to perform running repairs on whichever vehicle that you have decided to take on your drive. Keep in mind the road clearance and try to ensure that it is as simple a vehicle as possible, narrow country lanes and unkempt hedges may scratch and damage fancy paintwork. Furthermore, if you are going to lease a vehicle like those from The Mini Bus Centre, then make sure you speak to them about any specifications that you might need. They will also do a full demonstration before you take the vehicle, so pay attention and ensure that it is right for the roads you have chosen to travel. It is also important to make sure you have their emergency number on hand in case anything goes wrong, or you have any questions along the way.


It’s been mentioned herein that the drive in the countryside should be relaxing and fun, and its more about the actual trip than simply the destination. You must be relaxed and aware of your surroundings to enjoy the drive. The worst thing for a cross country drive is to take your daily stresses with you. Leave these at home and ensure that all travelling companions are as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Enjoy it…

A cross country drive is one of the most relaxing ways to get out on the weekends. As long as you have the right vehicle and have done the aforementioned planning it will be a comfortable and relaxing trip out.