The Best Way to Stay in Portland

In all honesty, it’s possible there’s no wrong way to stay in Portland. In a place as unique as Rose City, people are staying in houses, motor homes, tents, hotels, apartments, vacation rentals, and more. No matter where you stay in Portland, as long as you have a taste for the unusual, you’re guaranteed a rolicking good time. After all, it’s not often that a city prides itself on its strangeness the way Rose City does. For our purposes, let’s take a look at the two most popular ways to stay in Portland for tourists: hotels and travel apartments. We’ll break down the pros and cons of each option and explore some of the cooler Portland attractions on the way. Sound good? Then fasten your seat belt, because this ride’s not stopping. 

Travel Apartments

Travel apartments afford vacationers the opportunity to stay in their own private residence during their visit to a new city. In Portland, several travel apartments are located around the popular tourist districts of the city. Namely, Downtown and the Pearl District are privy to several upscale travel apartments. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of staying in one.


  • Amenities galore. When you stay in a Portland vacation rental, you’ll be guaranteed benefits like a full kitchen, a personal washer and dryer, and plenty of smaller items such as coffee and tea.   
  • Privacy. With a travel apartment, you can act the way you would in your own home. For the duration of your stay, the space is yours and yours alone. You’re in Portland, so there’s no need to curb any weird behaviors!  
  • Prime locations. Vacation rentals are specifically designed for tourists, so if you stay in a travel apartment, you’ll be within walking distance of the best attractions in Portland, including Powell’s City of Books. 


  • You have to plan ahead. Travel apartments are booked in advance, so if you’re planning or going to Portland later today, there might not be a home away from home available for you.  
  • Fewer chances for socializing with native Portlandians. Hotel life exposes you to locals, giving you the chance to learn about Portland from the people who know it best. Travel apartments keep you secluded enough that you might never meet a Portland native, which would be a shame.  
  • Specified leave date. Often people fall in love with the simple elegance of a vacation rental. But since other people are also scheduling their stays in advance, that means you have to get out once your time is up, no matter how much you want to stay.  


We’re all familiar with hotels. From the cheapest options to the most expensive, a few things are going to stay consistent across the board. You’ll always have neighbors, you’ll always have a key card, and there’s a pretty solid chance that some sort of continental breakfast is being served in the lobby. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of staying in a hotel during your Portland trip.   


  • Hotels are everywhere. No matter which section of Portland you plan on staying in, you can guarantee you’ll be able to find a hotel there. Even if you’re on the outskirts of the city, and you’re simply in Rose City for the chance to visit family, you’ll be able to find a hotel not too far from their house.  
  • There’s a huge variety in hotel costs. Prices range from $45 per night on up to hundreds of dollars per night. Basically, no matter your budget, you can find a hotel that will work with you.  
  • Hotels usually feature services like maids and food delivery. Typically you can’t order a sandwich delivered straight to your room anywhere but a hotel, and I’ve never managed to get someone else to wash my sheets anywhere but a hotel either.  


  • Hotel advertising is a bit sketchy. In today’s marketing-driven world, every company wants to make itself out as the best in the business. This can lead to descriptions of a “serene pool” that ends up being a four-foot deep over-chlorinated hot tub. Unless you go with a spendy option, it can be hard to know if you’re gonna get what you signed up for. 
  •  There’s not much privacy. Even if you end up in a fancy hotel, it’s still going to be full of other folks going about their business.  
  • Noise. Hotels are usually loud, thanks to the presence of children, teenagers, and incompetent adults. Not much you can do about it, aside from taking headphones along.  

So, hotel or travel apartment? The choice is yours. Now, I recognize that this article hasn’t helped you decide what kind of shops and performance arenas you want to hit up in Rose City, but we’ve got you covered. Plotting out your Portland adventure is gonna be a cinch. Don’t get so busy you forget to stop and smell the roses Portland is so well known for!


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