The Best Things to do in Kauai

The visually stunning island of Kauai is not only known for its elegance and the simple way of life, but also for an endless array of attractions on offer. From hiking, kayaking, surfing to relaxing in the exclusive spas, Kauai has plenty of things to do for persons of all ages.

Na Pali Coast

Napali Coast is one of the best things to do in Kauai
It is said that not only the visitor, but a Hawaiian of every generation takes the popular helicopter trip to get a look at the island from another perspective. Flying over the roofless caves is magical.

Hidden beaches

top things to do in Kauai

More than 100 beaches surround this island, each one as beautiful as the other. Ideal for swimming, snorkeling and picnics.

Waimea Canyon

top things to do in Kauai

Comparable to the world famous Grand Canyon,  the Waimea Canyon gorge may not be as vast but it is no way less breathtaking than its mainland rival.

Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge Lighthouse

Kauai must see attractions

A perfect place to spend the day with the family. Offers ample opportunities for photography from the lighthouse. There is a good chance of seeing the whales as well.

Kalalau Trail

best things to do in Kauai

This 11 mile long trail runs along the Na Pali coast from Ke’e beach to Kalalau beach. It provides an incredible hike through lush valleys, streams and scaling steep cliffs. There are options to camp halfway in Hanakoa Valley for those who wish to do the trek gradually.

Wailua Falls

An easily accessible 83 feet double tiered waterfall, located north of river Lihue, which is the principal source of water to Wailua. The waterfall is an iconic symbol of the beauty of Kauai and featured on an international TV series of the same name.

Queens Bath

Though it involves a hike down to reach this unique tide pool, Queen’s Bath is actually a sinkhole amid igneous rock formations. Care needs to be exercised as the bath is notorious for mood changes during periods of high surf.

Kauai Coffee Company

To sample a cup of real Kauai coffee, a free guided tour of the plantation is highly recommended. This is the largest coffee estate in Hawaii, with an area in excess of 3000 acres.

Fern Grotto

This spectacular fern cave has been naturally formed from lava rock and is best viewed from the observation deck of a boat. Since the place looks like a large amphitheatre, it has become an extremely popular wedding venue.

No matter when you plan a visit to Kauai, the fresh and floral air will captivate you. Each of the other six islands which make up Hawaii make for a different destination in their own right. If you are visiting other Hawaiian islands, check out some more amazing things to do in Hawaii.


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