Travel Like a Local: 8 Awesome Things to Do in Atlanta

It’s almost spring break. It’s time to start planning your vacation away from home. If you’re looking for somewhere that’s fun for the entire family, you should consider going to Atlanta.

There are a million and one things to do in Atlanta, GA. You can visit a cultural museum, explore a botanical garden, or take selfies with new fuzzy friends at the zoo.

If none of these appeals to you, there are always festivals going on at the Centennial Olympic Park. This isn’t all that you can take part in. Check out this guide to learn more about what travel in Atlanta is all about.

  1. Zoo Atlanta 

The Zoo Atlanta is full of over 1500 different kinds of animals that you can interact with. Some of the must-see furry creatures are the giant panda, giraffes, zebras, gorillas, elephants, and a variety of different scaly reptiles.

As your guide takes you through the exhibits, you can take selfies with some of these creatures. If your children get tired of walking around, there are playgrounds that can keep them occupied.

There’s the treetop trail. It’s located near the main gate and is shadowed by trees. The KIDZone is full of tunnels and climbing areas that your children will love.

  1. Georgia Aquarium 

Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta

The Georgia Aquarium is the largest one in the world. It holds 500 different marine species from whale sharks to sea otters. Like the zoo, the aquarium is interactive.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can dive into the tanks to meet one on one with them. If that’s not your speed, there are always dolphin shows and 3D underwater shows that you can attend.

  1. iFly Atlanta 

Have you always wanted to try skydiving? If you head to iFly Atlanta, you can enter a wind tunnel. As you float through the room, you can try various tricks all without the fear of jumping out of a plane.

Only the New Jersey location has a height requirement. So, your entire family should be able to take part in the experience in Atlanta. If you want a unique trip, you can opt for the iFly VR.

The VR system plays a video as you soar through the air. It really immerses you in the experience. Children 12 years and older can only do this once a day. If you have a heart condition, you won’t be able to take part in it at all.

Want to go up a little higher? You can purchase a high flight ticket. An instructor will stick by your side during your flight and help you safely reach larger heights.

It’s the perfect activity for the thrill-seekers in your group.

  1. Visit an Escape Room 

If Georgia is known for one thing, it’s the wide array of complex and well-crafted escape rooms. If you can make it out of one of them, you’ll have some bragging rights.

The best one that you can go to is the Escape Room at the Battery. Here you can try to make it out of a prison or navigate yourself through a museum during a heist.

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park 

The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park is 35 acres of land tied to the man himself and the civil rights movement. You can take a guided tour through his birth home.

Only a small group of 15 people are allowed inside the home at all times. If you don’t arrive early enough, you won’t be able to get inside. If this happens to you, your trip isn’t a total loss.

There are plaques around the outside of the home that you can read and get much of the information that you would have gotten had you taken the tour.

If you want to learn more about his story and the story of the park, consider stopping by the D.R.E.A.M gallery before the end of your trip.

  1. Explore the World of Coca-Cola 

In 1886, the world’s most beloved soft drink was born in Georgia. You have the chance to learn all about it by going to the World of Coca-Cola.

Okay, it’s pretty much a giant advertisement for the soda, but it’s still one of the coolest tourist attractions Atlanta has to offer. There’s an exhibit that will you to make your own drink and a movie adventure where you can take in the soda’s history.

You’ll get to learn about the secret formula and the many people who have tried to get their hands on it over the years. To top the tour off, there’s a section where you can try various drinks that the company now has in production.

  1. Botanical Garden 

For the nature lovers in your group, there’s the botanical garden. It holds one of the largest collections of orchids in the United States. The conservatory supports both forest and desert habitats. You’ll be able to see all sorts of species of animals and plants alike.

There’s also a rose garden and a traditional Japanese garden that you can explore.

  1. Centennial Olympic Park 

The Centennial Olympic Park is the home of many of Atlanta’s attractions. This includes the World of Coca-Cola. It also hosts a variety of music festivals and displays.

As you can tell, this spot is the heart of most of the tourism Atlanta has. If there’s something here that you think you might enjoy seeing, you might be able to park at the World Congress Center.

Interesting Things to Do in Atlanta 

Are you looking for a vacation that has something the entire family can enjoy? There are a million and one things to do in Atlanta GA. From the botanical garden to the zoo, you’ll never run out of new things to explore.

Want to learn more about what Georgia has to offer before you take your trip to Atlanta? Check out our 2 days in Atlanta itinerary.


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