Do You Need Aqua Shoes? Here’s What To Look For

One of the best ways to beat the heat in Australia is by partaking in numerous water adventures. Whether you are going fishing, exploring reefs, or trekking cross country, the right aqua shoes will give you the proper feet protection. Wearing the right shoes will help you perform at your peak while getting protection. For any water sports, aqua shoes are necessary for your foot’s safety and traction.

aqua shoes

Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for the right aqua shoes.  

They should protect your feet 

Find aqua shoes that cover your entire feet. They should also have thick soles to protect you from sharp objects on the beach, like rocks and shells. If available, choose styles with built-in toe shields. Riverbeds can have terrains. You may suffer from stubbed toes without toe shields. If you are planning to walk on the beach, look for slip-on full-cover aqua shoes to keep off the sand.  

Look for traction features 

Aqua shoes must have optimum traction features. When you walk along slippery surfaces like boat docks, you will need shoes with rubber outsoles to grip on wet surfaces. Trekking along streams and creek beds will need aqua shoes with ankle support – choose those with laces.

It should be lightweight and quick-drying 

Standard shoes will get heavy when filled with water. You will also be prone to blisters and will end up with smelly, mouldy shoes. Aqua shoes, however, can be used underwater as well as on dry surfaces. Choose those that are well-ventilated and have perforations that help in draining water from the shoe.

Choose comfortable shoes 

Try on the aqua shoes and test their flexibility. Those made of mesh materials will keep your feet warm. Its lightness will also allow water to flow once submerged. Water will drain out quickly once you are on dry ground. There are aqua shoes that provide insulation. Your feet will be kept warm even in cold water. If you are going boating, sailing, or other activities wherein you are on your feet, choose aqua shoes with cushioned heels.  

Get stylish 

Aqua shoes can be elegant. The latest models look like sneakers, sandals, or even toe-separated shoes. They also come in various colours like pink, blue, black, and grey.

Ask about maintenance 

Choose aqua shoes that are easy to maintain. For shoes made of mesh, you will need to fill them with dryer sheets after they have air-dried. However, for aqua shoes made of neoprene, wash them with fresh, warm water first. Use the same specially-designed cleaners for neoprene wet suits.

Check durability

Read reviews. Your footwear should last a long time. Its leather should not break down, even when always immersed in water. Assuming that you correctly clean them, there should be no problems with mould.

Choose versatile shoes 

If you enjoy a variety of sports, choose aqua shoes that are useable for rock climbing, hiking, trekking, or running. There are, of course, specialized aqua shoes. For kayaking, you will need a shoe that stays on and provide traction when you need to stand in rocky rivers.

For anglers, choose shoes with traction. Laced shoes are preferable so that it does not slip off easily. Hikers will need breathable and quick-drying aqua shoes. Choose rugged soles that provide full protection. It should also have regular laces to give support while walking on irregular terrain.


Wearing aqua shoes gives you the freedom to enjoy outdoor activities. Armed with these tips, go ahead and buy a pair.


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