Amsterdam Weekends – A Short Holiday Escape

Amsterdam is much more than its red-light district, coffee shops, and canals: its museums are admired (and envied) around the world, its architecture gives it a unique look, and it has an environment-friendly atmosphere in which the mythical bicycles have won the battle to cars.

Ready to get to know this incredible city? Let’s go there:

1. Wear the soles of your sneakers to discover the different neighborhoods of the city. Lively atmosphere and its narrow streets are full of shops and businesses. So before start moving in the city better to place your luggage with luggage storage Amsterdam central so that you can enjoy with free mind.

2. Learn about the past and get excited at the Anne Frank House Museum (and of course, read her diary again). The ticket price is € 10. If you prefer, you can take a tour of the Jewish Quarter and learn more about what happened there during World War II.

3. Come to know the Patio de Begijnhof, one of the most curious (and secret) places in Amsterdam. In the past, it hosted a religious association of women.

4. Another mysterious site in Amsterdam is the underground church of Our Lady of the Attic, one of the first secret Catholic churches. Here, during the reform era, Catholics could pray without being persecuted. It is located at 40 Oudezijds Voorburgwal Street, and the entrance to its museum costs € 11.

5. A boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam is quite an experience: from the water, you will have another point of view of the city, and we assure you that it will be one of the best. There are romantics by candlelight, others with fine dining, and the basic and inexpensive.

6. Although don’t forget to rent a bike and tour the city on two wheels.

7. In Amsterdam, there are more than 2,000 houseboats; you can stay in them or get to know them better thanks to the ‘House Boat Museum ‘.

8. Did you know that there are eight mills left in Amsterdam? Next to one of these (De Gooyer) is Brouwerij, a small brewery where you can toast and taste many types of beers (€ 2.60-€ 3.20). Or do a tasting of 5 beers (tiny, that if) for € 10. A highlight is that they are taking outboards of cheese and sausage so you can snack on something.

9. And speaking of beer … If there is a well-known brand in Amsterdam, it is Heineken. You can visit the old factory in the Heineken Experience (and why not combine it with a boat trip through the canals). Although if you are a real brewer, sign up for a gastronomic tour and beer.

10. The capital of the Netherlands is home to some of the best museums in Europe: this is the case of the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum. All three are located in the cultural heart of the city: the Museumplein. If your budget doesn’t allow you to visit them all and you have to choose, we have no doubts: Van Gogh’s (one of the best we’ve ever visited, you can buy your skip-the-line ticket here (€ 20) .).

Tips for traveling to Amsterdam

Whether it’s your first trip to Amsterdam or you’re already an expert, the following tips for visiting Amsterdam may come in handy:

  • Explore Amsterdam by bike: there is no better way to feel like one in the city than to explore it by bike. In addition, by only having one day, it is a great alternative to see many more things than if you go walking. Of course, drive with a thousand eyes!
  • Get an I Amsterdam City Card: if you want to make the most of everything there is to see in Amsterdam in one day, this card will be very useful. You can choose the 24-hour option, and you will have free public transport and tickets to the main attractions of the Dutch capital.
  • Bring clothes for all kinds of climates: the weather in Amsterdam, regardless of what the various predictions you may find on the Internet say, is totally unpredictable and, above all, very changeable. One of those places where you can find all four stations in one day.
  • Learn the difference between “coffee shop” and “cafeteria”: if you translate the term “coffee shop” from English, it may seem that it is the same as a coffee shop, but nothing could be further from the truth. Cupcakes from space, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and an important variety of joints are what you will find on the menu of the many coffee shops that are in the center of Amsterdam. Of course, an ideal “cafeteria” to enjoy a good laugh with your friends (all in the right measure, of course).
  • Sign up for a free tour of Amsterdam: If you want a quick look at the best things to see in one day in Amsterdam, you might want to take one of the free tours guided by good professionals and in Spanish. It is a good way to leave with a good idea of the main tourist spots in the city.
  • Once you enter the city hire luggage storage Amsterdam central, so that you keep your luggage safe.
  • Beware of pickpockets: Amsterdam is a very touristy city and, although the people are really friendly, there are also opportunists, as everywhere. Pay special attention to your belongings in the most touristic places in the city, with the Red Light District being the most critical point. Use luggage store Amsterdam central for protection of your belongings.
  • Practice your English: In Amsterdam almost 100% of its inhabitants speak English well. If you need to ask for directions, food, or anything else, feel free to stop by any local and ask in the English language. Most of local people there understand English language.


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