7 Simple Tips on How to Travel Eco-Friendly

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Travelling is fun and fulfilling, but it can be a significant threat to a healthy environment if you are not keen on being eco-friendly. The desire to see as much of the world as possible is what inspires people to take planned or spontaneous trips. However, you stand to gain a lot when you travel eco-friendly. But how can you achieve that? Here are seven tips to guide you: 

  1. Go Green when packing


Have you ever taken time to evaluate the type of ingredients used to make your toilet soap, toothpaste, shampoo, or mouthwash? If yes, then you must have discovered that most of them contain chemicals that are not eco-friendly. While it is not easy to avoid packing these personal items, you can start by going for green products. 

If you are traveling for a few days, it would be pointless to pack a heavier suitcase. Lighter luggage not only gives you an easier time on the move, but it also helps reduce your car’s fuel consumption. It can be somehow challenging to decide what goes and what stays when packing for travel. But you can still find sustainable and practical ways of handling the issue. For instance, instead of packing a whole bottle of shampoo, you can pour some in a smaller bottle for convenience. 


  1. Choose other modes of transportation


Though air transport is considered the safest mode of transportation, the amount of carbon dioxide released to the ozone layer leaves little to be desired. Of course, you want to reach your specific destination in the fastest way possible. However, think of how planes contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming. It will take decades before the toxic gas is eliminated from the ozone layer. 


Traveling from one country to another may be impossible on trains, buses, or boats. However, you have the option of looking for travel destinations that are closer to home. Embrace the idea of traveling using other modes of transportation that have the least adverse effects on the environment. 


  1. Invest in a good water filter


If you have been drinking tap water back at home, it does not mean you can do the same in other countries. Untreated water may contain a lot of impurities, which can cause you to contract gastrointestinal infections. Buying mineral water may seem like an excellent backup plan, but the bottles are likely to pollute landfills. 

The best option is to buy a portable water filter. Big Berkey Water Filter has a product like the Go Berkey Kit that is a lightweight purification kit which is ideal for on-the-go users. When you are drinking water that has undergone the Berkey purifier’s microfiltration process, you can rest assured that the water is pure and safe for drinking. This saves you money and also protects the environment from pollution due to discarding plastic water bottles. 

  1. Skip the room service


While it is essential to stay in a clean room, you can opt out of room service. For once in your life, turn off the TV and the lights. Skip out on the room service. That way, there will be less usage of the cleaning agents that alter the purity of the environment. 


  1. Traveling alone

Traveling solo can have a significant effect on environmental preservation. Of course, you will start to feel lonely when you are in a new place filled with strangers. You will be more environmentally responsible when you travel solo compared to when in a group. When traveling solo, behaviors that pose a threat to the health of the environment, such as partying and dumping are minimized. You use the time to reflect on your life and meet new people. 


  1. Eat and drink locally


Each country has its special delicacy that they are always looking forward to sharing with visitors. If you are in China, for instance, visit a local restaurant to taste sushi. This not only promotes a healthy eco-friendly travel initiative, but it also uplifts the local community. 


  1. Leave without a trace


The thought of leaving a green footprint without interfering with nature is enough reason to inspire you to travel. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled most countries to impose travel restrictions, you can still find ways to soften your carbon footprint daily. 


Traveling should neither be boring nor should it be wasteful. Taking care of the environment is your responsibility. Go green by traveling eco-friendly to help make the planet a better place today and tomorrow. 



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