Five Tips for Staying Safe When You’re Traveling

Some travel when on vacation, others travel for work, while others simply live on the road. Traveling can be fun, it can be a lot of work, and it can change your outlook on life, but it always has the potential to be unsafe. 

Being safe at home means locking the doors at night, but being safe while you’re traveling is a little bit more confusing. It includes doing things you may not realize you’re supposed to do. 

Here are a few tips that will keep you safe on the road, no matter why you’re on the road in the first place. 

Don’t Rush Your Time on the Road 

If any portion of your time traveling involves getting behind the wheel, you have to make sure you don’t rush your time on the road. 

Driver fatigue is deadly. It’s something that truck drivers know all too well, but other travelers don’t. Many people want to spend as much time on the road as possible so they can get to their destination more quickly. 

Instead, plan regular breaks into your trip. Make sure you pull over and stretch your legs every few hours, and don’t be tempted to spend the whole night driving. Instead, pull over and find a place to sleep for the night. Your trip will be safer, and it will be more enjoyable. 

Be Careful Using Public Wi-Fi 

We’re all connected to the internet 24/7. When you’re traveling, you will still want to get online to check email, check the news, and more. Just make sure you’re careful about your online activities when you’re on the road. 

Don’t connect to public Wi-Fi if it can be avoided. It’s easy for hackers and third parties to look in on what you’re doing. If you do have to use public Wi-Fi, only read news stories and do other activities that don’t reveal any of your personal information. 

If you want to be able to check bank account balances and other personal information while you’re traveling, use a Virtual Private Network. It enables you to visit websites with an extra layer of security so others can’t see what you’re doing. 

Tell Friends and Family Where You’re Going 

It is extremely important to tell your friends and family where you’re going when you’re traveling, even if you only plan to be away for a day or two. 

It’s important to tell at least one other person where you’re going just in case there’s an emergency. If you don’t return home or if there is a problem back home, there’s automatically someone who knows where you are and how to get ahold of you. 

That doesn’t mean you should alert everyone of your whereabouts. Whatever you do, don’t post your travels on social media in real time. Checking in on Facebook and uploading pictures of your travels while you’re away from home just advertises to everyone in your extended network that you aren’t at home, which can make you the target of hackers and burglars. 

Blend In 

woman traveling solo Being a tourist is a lot of fun, but in many parts of the world, it also makes you an easy target. You don’t want your wallet or passport to go missing because it was easy for someone to pick your pocket! 

It helps a lot to blend in with the locals. A few tips include things like: 

  • Wear clothes that don’t draw attention. 
  • Buy your clothes at your destination. 
  • Hide tourist accessories, like cameras. 
  • Carry your wallet in a front pocket. 
  • Use hidden money belt to keep documents safe. 
  • Seek out places the locals enjoy 
  • Avoid tourist traps. 
  • Use the local language and lingo. 

Be Aware of Your Surroundings 

Sometimes, the simplest advice is the best. Simply keeping an eye on your surroundings can keep you from danger when you’re traveling. 

That includes listening to your gut. If you’re out at night in an area that makes you feel uncomfortable, head back to your hotel room. If you get the feeling that you’re being followed, find a public place where you can pass the time until they move on. 

It also means staying off your devices. It’s a lot more difficult to be aware of your surroundings when you’re texting. 

Don’t let the next time you travel end in disaster. No matter why you find yourself in a car or on an airplane, you can make sure you enjoy your trip as much as possible by increasing your safety while you’re away from home. 


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