What To Know Before Your First Boating Adventure

There’s nothing quite like going on a boating adventure. Whether you’ve invested in a boat of your own or you’re hiring a boat, you’ll soon fall in love with the freedom of open water. However, being poorly prepared for your trip has the potential to ruin things.

It makes sense that you do your research before your first boating trip. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

boat in water

Hire or Buy?

If this is your first boating trip, then the chances are that you’re still a relative novice in the boating world. In this case, it’s often best to hire a boat and, ideally, a guide to help you to get the most out of your trip.

The best way to learn a skill is to practice it, and the same applies to boating. When you’re on your trip, you can figure out what you like and dislike about a particular boat. You can also ask more experienced boaters about their experiences and recommendations.

Hiring a boat isn’t the same as owning one and taking it out, but it can be less risky if it’s your first trip. You can then pick up the nuances about how to drive your boat and look after it properly, including proper storage and other aspects of good boat care. 

Qualifications and Certifications

Another benefit to going boating with a more experienced guide is that they can teach you the ropes, literally. Driving a boat, much like driving a car, is a skill that you need to learn so that you can be safe on the open water. You need to learn how to operate the boat, as well as what to do in the event of an emergency. 

You will likely need to be certified before you can take your own boat out for a spin. By getting all the proper certifications, you reduce the chances of any accidents or incidents, and you know how to cope if they do happen.

If you do get into an accident or if something happens, you should also get in touch with experienced boat accidents lawyers who can help you to handle the legal side of things. This is especially important if something was damaged or someone was injured in the accident.

Stocking Your Boat

If you do invest in a boat of your own, then it’s vital to make sure that it’s properly stocked. Even short boating adventures will be far smoother if you have the right equipment and supplies. The exact boating supplies and accessories that you need will differ depending on the kind of boat you take out and the kind of trip you’re planning on.

You should at least have emergency equipment, as well as food and water for the trip. Lifejackets are a necessity. They might not look cool, but they do save lives. Once you have the equipment that you need to travel safely, you can focus on supplies to help you to get the most out of the trip.


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