Staying in Touch Simplified: Top Tech Tools for Traveling Abroad

You’re traveling to exciting yet unknown places. While throwing hope to the wind makes for an exciting movie script, you want your journey to be fun yet practical. Here’s how to use tech tools to stay in touch while you’re abroad. Whether you’re doing business or just need to stay in touch, tech makes it simple.


If This Then That is an app that connects other popular apps together. For example, you may create a ‘recipe’ that involves two separate apps that are combined by IFTTT. So, you could use the Evernote app to jot down plane and travel itinerary and then IFTTT will save the text to Google Drive for later retrieval.


While traveling for business, it could be a nuisance to keep track of expenses. Expensify tracks all of your business credit card activity to create order. Compare trips, crunch numbers, and stay on top of the next tax season. Just make sure you’re using the right online tax tools.

Wi-Fi Finder 

Businesspeople have a ton of apps and tech tools at their disposal, but that’s only convenient if they have an Internet connection. Quickly find where you can get a Wi-Fi signal, and if business calls, squat for a few hours to get work done. The app helps locate Wi-Fi ready cafes, libraries, etc.

Skype for Business 

It’s not where you are but what you know and how you can help potential clients and business partners. Therefore, you don’t need to be in an office but you do need a way to meet with business contacts face to face. Skype for Business meets the demands of burgeoning entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 CEOs.

Call Recorder 

It’s great that your smartphone gets superb reception. However, it’s not always convenient for people to call when you’re away from a computer or when you don’t have a pen and paper. Therefore, you’ll need to learn more about tools that can record your phone conversations so you don’t miss crucial details and information.


Swarm combines the fun of social media with the necessity of micro-managing employees. If you’re traveling in a group, keep track of team members, progress, and location via Swarm. To supplement, the Voxer app can utilize team phones, smart watches, etc for walkie-talkie like communication.


Alternatively, if you’re a traveling manager or boss, you can keep track of what’s going on back at the office with Slack. Leave instant messages, see who is working on what, and whether or not teams are meeting daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Gate Guru 

Gate Guru is one of those apps that you don’t realize is worth gold until you’re trapped in an airport, a plane has been rerouted, or you need to find something healthy to eat in a strange terminal. Also, unlock fellow traveler advice within the tips section.

Google Picture Translate 

Well, you’re kind of good at speaking German and you understand some conversations. However, you’re immediately confronted with unknown signs at a subway station and you’re running late for a business meeting. Voila! Use Google Picture Translate. Take a pic and have the documented word translated for you.


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