Top 7 Things to Do in Las Vegas with Your Husband

Are you planning a trip with your husband to Las Vegas? You and your husband don’t have to gamble or participate in adult-oriented activities to enjoy yourselves in Sin City. All you need is a willingness to have fun and experience something new together. It is a great way to strengthen your marriage and create beautiful memories with the person you love most.  

Las Vegas

 Below are the top seven things to do in Las Vegas with your husband. 

1) Marriage Can Be Murder

Marriage Can Be Murder is the name of a comedy dinner show at The Showroom of the D Las Vegas Hotel. Out of all the shows to see in Vegas, Marriage Can Be Murder is the one show which allows audience members to solve a murder mystery and enjoy a tasty dinner simultaneously. 

 Your husband will appreciate the humor and interactive nature of the Marriage Can Be Murder show. It is a great entertainment experience for couples to attend together and laugh at the hilarious puns and silly humor. If you are lucky, you two may even be able to take roles in the show.   

The complimentary dinner for guests includes grilled lemon butter chicken breast, mixed spring salad, red russet buttery mashed potatoes, vanilla ice cream, and bacon almond green beans.  

2) Red Rock Canyon

Valley of Fire

 Do you and your husband like to go on adventures together? One of the best adventures you can go on is at the Red Rock Canyon. There are all kinds of tours and hiking trails you can experience at Red Rock Canyon, which offers picturesque views of red rock formations and the barren desert landscape surrounding them.   

The various guided tours you can choose from include horseback riding, walking, ATVs, biking, nature watching, and more. The Mojave Desert is a gorgeous natural playground with everything from desert vegetation to rugged rocks and sandstone cliffs. Sometimes an adventure like this can create a romantic experience too.   

3) High Roller at the LINQ Hotel

The High Roller is a 550-foot-tall observation wheel. It is the tallest observation wheel worldwide and offers picturesque views of the Las Vegas Strip. Couples can enjoy an intimate cabin with 360-degree views of the surrounding city lights and buildings. It only takes about 15 minutes to reach the top of the 550-foot-tall wheel, giving you the best sights imaginable.  

If you get nervous or scared during the ride, you can let your husband hold you tight as you get higher and higher above the city. But don’t worry because it only takes about 15 minutes to return to the ground again after reaching the top.    

4) Cirque du Soleil Shows

Does your husband enjoy stunts and acrobatics? If so, there are no better shows to attend in Las Vegas than Cirque du Soleil productions. They offer the most fantastic display of death-defying stunts, acrobatics, visual effects, background music, costumes, set designs, and more. You and your husband may feel a bit romantic at some of these shows too.  

The six Cirque du Soleil shows you can see with your husband are Mystere, Ka, O, Michael Jackson ONE, The Beatles LOVE, and Mad Apple. Each Cirque show offers a unique experience unlike any of the others. So whether you want to see one or six Cirque shows, you’ll have a great time at each one. Visit VegasLens.com for more information on these Cirque shows and discover exclusive promo codes and discounts that may be available.   

5) Get Married Again

You may already be married to your husband, but why not get married to them again in true Las Vegas fashion? Head on over to the Elvis-themed Graceland Wedding Chapel and marry your husband for a second time with an Elvis impersonator as your witness.   

There is no limit to the romantic accommodations you can reserve for renewing your wedding vows and creating a memorable time for your husband, including a private limousine, wedding photoshoot, and more. Some spouses even arrange for a private helicopter to seal the deal. 

6) Couples Spa

  spa massage

Have you ever experienced a couples spa treatment with your husband? Las Vegas has several high-class spa resorts offering couples spa treatments. Some of the most exceptional spa facilities include The Spa at Vdara, Canyon Ranch Spa at The Venetian Resort, The Spa at Encore, and Qua Spa at Caesars Palace. 

 A couples spa may involve you and your husband getting a massage in the same room and enjoying a relaxing sauna bath together. There are many ways to make it a memorable, pleasant, and romantic experience for both of you. 

7) Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Have you dreamt about you and your husband sharing the same romantic encounters as Jack and Rose did in the 1997 James Cameron movie “Titanic?” If you two visit Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Las Vegas, you’ll feel like you’re on certain parts of the famous ship.   

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition showcases over 250 authentic artifacts that were retrieved from the famous sunken ship. But you’ll also get to walk on a replica of the gorgeous grand staircase as seen in the movie and enter replica cabins. Any couple visiting Las Vegas will feel quite romantic after having this experience with their spouse.   


Your husband is bound to have a memorable and thrilling time experiencing the best attractions and activities of Las Vegas with you. The city offers numerous opportunities to create great memories together without engaging in gambling or other adult-oriented activities. As a result, you two can enjoy things you can proudly tell your friends and family about back home.  


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