TOP 5 Games about Doctors

The doctor is a noble profession that many people like. Do you want to try what it’s like to be a hero in a white coat? Welcome to Game Karma!

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Here, you will find the most exciting online games dedicated to medicine and veterinary medicine. Save people and animals together with the main characters!

Crazy Dentist

Many children and adults dread going to the dentist just as much as they fear zombies. But you need to treat your teeth and can’t get away from such visits.

This online game is designed to help gamers overcome their fear of dentists. You yourself will diagnose various diseases, treat them, and remind patients of the importance of regular brushing.

Here, you will find many unusual clinical cases and interesting facts. Surely, after such a game, going to the dentist will no longer be scary!

My Pet Clinic

Working as a veterinarian, you can get to know a lot of animals. But like any other medical profession, it comes with many complexities and challenges.

In this online game, you can experience firsthand what it’s like to work in a veterinary clinic. Your patients will be different animals and birds in trouble. You must help them recover and return to normal life.

The veterinarian simulator is suitable for an exciting pastime and can instill in children a love and respect for animals.

Princesses vs. Epidemic

Why do epidemics occur? How to behave in case of illness? Where are vaccines developed? Answers to these and other questions in a playful way can be found in Princesses vs. Epidemic.

This is not just a game but a full-fledged educational project. It contains many interesting and valuable facts about epidemics, their consequences, and principles of treatment and prevention. Here, you will meet numerous main characters — doctors, epidemiologists, and volunteers. Each of them performs the important work necessary to fight epidemics.

My Dream Hospital

Working in the clinic is accompanied by a variety of adventures. This online game opens the doors of a real hospital for you, where you need to treat patients with the most unexpected diagnoses.

Most of the procedures you have to perform yourself. However, this is what attracts players and makes the project extremely popular!

Interview patients, prescribe diagnostic tests, develop a treatment regimen, and evaluate results. The more people recover, the higher the rating of your clinic will be!

Doctor Kids

If you want to find the best medical game for your child, try Doctor Kids! Parents and critics call this project one of the best educational developments. That is why it is often advised on parenting and gaming forums.

The player is completely immersed in the world of medicine and performs the daily tasks of a doctor. Residents of the city of different ages come to the hero for an appointment with problems. You need to conduct a qualitative examination, make the correct diagnosis, and prescribe treatment. The health of patients and the result of the game completely depend on your decisions.


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