5 Tips And Tricks When Packing With Your Leather Travel Bags

Traveling can be an enjoyable experience, but packing efficiently is necessary to make the most of your journey. When using leather travel bags, there are certain tricks that can help you maximize space, keep your belongings organized, and maintain the quality of your bag. In this article, you’ll learn essential packing tips for using leather travel bags for a hassle-free and stylish travel experience.

Choosing Your Leather Travel Bag 

Before delving into the tips, it’s important to choose the right type of leather bag. There are two main options to consider: full grain leather and top grain leather.

Full Grain Leather 

This type is stronger and more durable as hair is removed and the hide goes into the tanning process. Therefore, the leather will endure over time as the oil-absorbing properties remain intact.

Weekender Bag from Von Baer
Weekender Bag from Von Baer 

The Von Baer Weekender is a great option if you want a high quality bag for a reasonable price. It’s made from full grain leather, and comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

Top Grain Leather 

The other option is top-grain leather, the second-highest quality leather. It’s used in making most handbags that need a pristine look. This look is normally achieved by sanding, buffing, or shaving off the top layer.

Preparing For The Journey With Leather Travel Bags

By following the tips outlined below, you’ll be able to optimize your packing experience and preserve the integrity of your leather travel bag for years to come.

1. Maximizing Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are essential for keeping your belongings organized, especially when using leather bags with large compartments or limited pockets. These cubes simplify organization while traveling, making them indispensable.

Additionally, packing cubes help avoid scratches and scuffs caused by sharp or hard objects, protecting your bag and belongings from damage. These cubes also prevent wrinkles in your clothes, allowing you to separate garments based on type for easy access during your trip.

2. Packing Strategically

Distributing weight evenly in your bag is crucial to prevent lopsidedness. Start by placing heavy items like shoes or toiletries at the bottom for even weight distribution. Utilize every available space by filling empty pockets or compartments with smaller items like socks, underwear, or belts.

Consider packing in layers, with larger or heavier items at the bottom and smaller or lighter items on top. This approach enables easy access to your belongings without needing to unpack everything.

3. Traveling Light And Smart

Overpacking often leads to an unnecessarily heavy bag, and leather bags are already heavier than other types. Overstuffing may also cause leather bags to lose their shape or become misshapen.

Packing light helps maintain your bag’s appearance and prevents long-term wear and tear. When it comes to packing clothes, focus on essentials and items with multiple purposes, like a scarf that doubles as a shawl or beach towel.

4. Rolling Clothes For Space And Organization

Folding clothes takes up significant space in your bag, potentially causing wrinkles and wear in leather bags. Instead, roll your clothes to save space and prevent wrinkles.

This method is especially helpful for fabrics prone to wrinkling, like cotton or linen. Rolling also ensures clothes remain organized, as they are less likely to shift during travel.

5. Utilizing Shoe And Garment Bags

Utilizing shoe and garment bags keeps your belongings organized and protected. Use a garment bag for formal wear or wrinkle-prone clothes, ensuring they remain in good condition throughout your trip. Depending on the garment, you can hang the garment bag inside your leather travel bag or carry it separately.

For shoes, use a shoe bag to prevent scuffs or damage to other belongings in your bag. Store your shoes in the shoe bag with the laces out so they don’t get tangled. Use a second bag if you have more than one pair of shoes.

Bottom Line

When packing your leather travel bag, it’s important to consider how your belongings will affect the bag’s shape and condition. Leather bags can lose their form if not packed correctly, so focus on creating a stable structure inside the bag. Start by placing flat items, such as books or tablets, along the sides or bottom of the bag for added support. Then, fill the center with bulkier items like clothing, ensuring that the bag’s shape is maintained. Lastly, be mindful of the placement of objects that could stain or scratch the leather, and use protective pouches or wraps as needed. This attention to detail will help keep your leather bag in prime condition throughout your travels.


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