Tips for Travelling on a Budget

Often, having the time, health, and finances to travel at the same coinciding time is rare. Many say that when they are older and retired, they have the free time and the budget to travel, but not the youthful energy they need to take advantage of it. Young ones may have this drive and energy, but often not the finances to support their wanderlust. If you are a young person, desiring to see the world, what can you do to travel on a budget? Is it even possible?

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The reassuring answer is yes! You can travel on a budget. Doing so is making the opportunity to travel accessible to more people all the time. Furthermore, if you can save money on one trip, it gives you more money to put towards the next one. Cutting back on costs does not mean you have to cut back on the fun. There are lots of ways to save money when you are travelling, from cheap experiences in Copenhagen cheap train travel in Europe, with a few helpful suggestions and bit of insider knowledge, you can have your adventures without putting yourself in financial difficulty.

Here are a few top tips for travelling on a tight budget:

  • Choose the destination to fit your budget.

Obviously, there are some destinations that are naturally going to be more expensive or more reasonably priced. What you need to do is research these possibilities to find a suitable place that fits with the budget you have in mind. There are varying factors that make a destination a cheaper place to visit, so there is a lot to think about and weigh up. You might find a place that is cheap and easy to get to, or perhaps somewhere where the cost of living is cheaper, or maybe even a destination where the exchange rate gets you a good value for your money. Do your homework and while the temptation may be to visit the popular, touristy, more Instagrammable locations, they are going to be a lot more expensive. You will save yourself money, and likely have a much more rewarding, unique, and genuine experience, if you choose a less well-known destination. The principle applies once you get to your destination too – the hotels and restaurants on the main strip are likely going to be more considerably more expensive than the ones a little further away on a quitter side street. Look for the hidden gems, the authentic experiences, and you will no doubt have a more enjoyable trip while saving money at the same time.

  • Find a cheaper time to travel. The time of year has a massive impact on the expense of a trip. While you might not be able to guarantee what the weather will be like when you travel out of season, you can be assured that you will have a quitter, less crowded, and a cheaper trip all round. Everything involved with your trip will be cheaper: hotels, tours, flights, trains, excursions, food will all be reduced at off peak times. If you need to have a little time for yourself, away from busy crowds and swarms of tourists, out of season travel will be perfect for you too. The queues and lines will be shorter, you will be able to get a lot more done, and many more sites seen, when you travel at off peak times. You will surely see a side to your chosen destination that many other travellers don’t get the chance to see! Additionally, you can save yourself some money by also being flexible about the day you fly, not just the time of year. Flights are usually more expensive when they are at the weekend as opposed to during the week. The best days to fly are between Tuesday and Thursday as many people are working and not able to travel.
  • Find the balance between booking in advance and being spontaneous. There are benefits to being both well prepared and being spontaneous in your bookings. It’s often cheaper, and considerably less stressful, when you can book various aspects of your trip in advance. Look at transport, accommodation, and activities in plenty of time before you plan to go, and you will likely find a good deal. On the other hand, you can save some money by being a little more spontaneous, especially in less touristy destination. You can save some money by booking accommodation directly with a property owner, rather than through a website or agency. Also, last minute deals can pop up at the best of times and be a blessing to travellers on a budget.
  • Use Google Flights to find cheaper deals. Google Flights is a powerful tool in finding the best deals for any destination. Let’s say for example that you want to book a trip to the iconic city of Paris, France, the beautiful City of Lights. It’s one of the most premium travel destinations in the world so you might think it’s a little outside your budget. However, if you use Google flights to Paris you are going to find the best deals for the best flights for your trip. Just by using this one simple tool you will be able to filter for the different specifications of your trip and compare prices that fluctuate depending on various factors. For the bargain loving, money savvy traveller, Google Flights is certainly a handy tool.
  • Don’t be scared to share. While you may fancy a solo trip to discover yourself, you can save some money by sharing the costs of things as you go. For example, if you are willing to stay in a hostel dorm with a share bathroom, you will save a lot of money on accommodation. If you book carpooling services, you will either save yourself some money by simply paying for your space in a travelling vehicle, or even earn a bit of money by offering that space for hire.

Evidently, travelling on a budget is not only possible, but sure to be an adventure! So, what are you waiting for? Get packing!


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