What Not to Do During a Winter Wedding

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Having a white wedding with snow falling and touching your skin seems like something from a fairytale. There’s just something romantic about snow that some couples just could not resist, which is why some of them decide to have their wedding done during this time. However, getting married in the snow is not all that easy. Below, we will discuss some of the things that you should not do when trying to get hitched at a French chateau for rent during the wintertime.

You don’t have to do a winter wonderland-themed wedding

When it comes to themes, the first thing that will definitely come to mind is a winter wonderland. Besides, you are getting married in the snow, which is why you might think that it is appropriate to make this your theme. However, you should not confine your wedding to a winter wonderland theme just because of the current weather end season. You can go ahead and be creative with your theme – as long as it fits your taste. It’s your wedding, and you definitely make the rules.

Don’t forget to dress in style

Some people will say that you have to wear certain types of silhouettes or fabrics depending on which season you are getting married. However, you should not conform to the standards if you are not up to it. You should wear whatever dress you want during your wedding, and sometimes, it does not even have to be a dress at all. Go ahead and wear what you want because again, this is your wedding and you get to choose whatever you want to wear or do with it.

Don’t forget to draft a photo schedule

You might think that you would only be able to take your wedding photos indoors due to the weather outside. Luckily, though, you can still do your photoshoot outside, as long as you carefully plan it with your photographer. Check the weather forecast and see when the snow will fall heavily on your wedding day. Consider planning the outdoor photoshoot before the heavy snowfall so you would not have any problems with your wedding dress or the photographer’s camera lenses fogging up.

Don’t forget about the reception space

You have to make sure that you will be able to make every single guest attending your wedding cosy enough during the reception. It will be undoubtedly cold the whole time, which is why you would want to make sure that you will hold the reception indoors and with a few heaters in store. You should also make the ambience warm and inviting. Consider setting up some candles, a few velvet ribbon, and even pillows here and there. You can also have some fire pits arranged outside or prepare some hot chocolate for your guests to keep them warm.

A winter wedding is definitely fun and a must-try If you love the snow and the winter season. Simply remember to plan carefully so you will be able to do everything right during your special day.



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