From The Wailing Wall To The Dead Sea: Surprise The Adult In You With Your Next Trip To Israel!

Israel is a beautiful concoction of everything that nature has to offer. It is unreal that a country this small has so much culture, geography, traditions, and diversity packed into it. This country is a living example of an entity enjoying the best of both worlds. It houses the highly advanced bustling metros like Tel Aviv and is also a revered holy land!

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Situated in the Southern Levant, Israel is the only country in the world where the number of trees has increased in the past 50 years! It constantly offers new inspiration, ideas, experiences, and discoveries, so you need a chic guide to show you the beauties of this Middle Eastern wonder.

The Culture And Tradition

Israeli culture is a fascinating fusion of the sacred and the profane. The country is a crucible for people from all over the world, beautifully manifested in the culture. The diversity exists beyond the Ashkenazi versus Sephardic divide. In addition to Hebrew, Arabic, and English, there are several other languages that are spoken by the majority of people around the nation. 

Traveling to Bethlehem, Jericho, and the Jordan River is a fantastic way to dive into the diversity. You can also go on a day’s trip to Petra from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.  

Services on public buses are suspended on Shabbat, the day of resting for the Jewish community. However, your eyes cannot miss the yellow monit sherut,  traveling down the major roads on Fridays and Saturdays. Israel is rooted in deep family culture. So, don’t be surprised to see staunch atheists enjoying Friday dinners with their families! 

The hospitality culture forms an important leg of Jewish traditions. For the locals, it is much more than good etiquette; it is a moral responsibility. Although the hotel business in cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv was earlier inclined to luxury accommodations, more boutique hotels have come up in recent years to meet the growing demand for more accessible lodging.

You can explore these resorts in Israel to experience the nuanced and eclectic treatment rarely found anywhere else. Hotel chains like the Isrotel Hotels have been offering their hospitality services worldwide. Their hotels are located amidst scenic views, and they have constantly pushed the bar higher with their services. 

Education has always been an integral part of society in Israel.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) ranked Israel as the second most educated nation in the world in a survey that was published in 2012. The numbers in the report indicate that about 80% of the money spent on education comes from public sources and that about 45% of people have earned a college or university degree.

With immigrant populations hailing from more than 100 nations and five continents, the subcultures that thrive here include the Mizrahim, Arabs, Ethiopian Jews, Secular Jews, and the Ultra-Orthodox.

Places That You Cannot Afford To Miss!

Israel is a small country by world standards but has everything in it to cultivate a transformation from within.  It is a land of history, spirituality, religion, eclectic beaches, amazing nightlife, and incredible home-cooked meals. 

It can be a pain to decide on places to visit without missing the essential ones. Here are 4 places destined to make your trip a memory of a lifetime. 

Tel Aviv: A Deep Dive Into Israeli Culture

The markets of Tel Aviv shall fast-track your experience of Israeli culture in no time. Start your expedition from the Carmel Market and enjoy merchants shouting out deals and hurling bundles of nana (mint) and Petrolia (parsley) at onlookers!

But if you’re looking for an authentic favorite, you won’t want to miss the Levinsky Market. The market offers the ultimate shuk experience, sans much hustle and glitz. 

You can skim through the sea of treasures at Jaffa’s Hapishpishim flea market to find vintage trinkets and handcrafted souvenirs. During the day, if you are hungry, the market features a tonne of food stalls and cafes– you just need to follow the aroma.

Northern Israel: A Walk Into The Past

The Gallery of Madonnas at the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth will astound you. The stunning mosaics of the Madonna and Child are depicted through the cultural prism of the nation that each one represents.

Continue to the Sea of Galilee, which welcomes thousands of devotees each year. The Galilee is a stunning area to get outside in nature and experience the surreal existence of peace and calm.

Jerusalem: Kindle Your Spiritual Self

Take a walk along the neighborhoods of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Armenian establishments of the Old City and see a wave of serenity wrapped in history caress your body. 

Visit the Western Wall and then proceed to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Enjoy the vista of the Dome of the Rock while letting yourself get lost in the maze-like markets. Entering the confines of such revered history is nothing short of a humbling experience that will stay with you for life. 

Masada, Ein Gedi, & Dead Sea: Soak In Everything You Can

A trip to Israel does not end if you do not visit the trifecta. Got up early on a fresh morning? Put on your boots and start your hike to the Masada. Cable car options are also available for morning snoozers. 

Imbibe the natural beauty of Ein Gedi among the stunning waterfalls. To complete the trifecta, head to the Dead Sea and float your way to glory in the ‘dead’ waters while you soak in the surreal views of Jordan. 

A Final Few Words About This Mesmerizing Country

The on-and-off political turmoil in and around Israel might deter some enthusiasts from visiting this beautiful nation. But the need of the hour is to present to the world the inherent beauty that resides in the heart of Israel and the locals. 

With Friday family dinners, beach sundowners, over 200 museums, and a rich heritage, Israel stands tall with pride. You are bound to leave behind a part of yourself in this odyssey. Hop on to your return flights while reminiscing about your experiences and dreaming about your return.


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