Going camping? Eight must-have camping gear one should consider

Are you planning a camp holiday? A fantastic vacation amongst the trees in the green, going for long walks, sitting at the campfire in the evening in the wilderness, having a barbeque. Just the ideal holiday after a weeklong hectic work schedule. Whether with family or friends, you need certain essential things without which your camping can become problematic and unsafe. You can even find personalized camping gifts as well. Here are eight vital must-haves in a good camp out with your family or friends!

  • Tent

Even if you choose to sleep under the stars, the first thing you need is your tent. Otherwise, the weather with rains, dust, storms and heavy dew could be dangerous to your health. So the tent is your most significant protection. You can choose between a two-person tent or a large cabin style tent depending on the number of people and the kind of plan you have. You will also need tentpoles, a rope, anchors, etc.

  • Sleeping bag

You cannot relax on a cedar bed with leaves. Relaxing in a cedar bed with leaves may sound fun, but it will not keep you warm at sunset. Temperatures can drop dramatically at night; therefore, you need a sleeping bag in your tent. The sleeping bag will protect you from many insects as well. And if you’ve ever tried camping with your kids, you know they will be uncomfortable all night without a baby sleeping bag. A few close friends had recently planned a trip close to Melbourne, Australia; they informed us that they found what they needed at Camping Store Melbourne at short notice.

  • Water Bottle

Water is essential for survival anywhere and everywhere. However, water from unknown sources is not safe. Water bottles and a reserve water camper are necessary for you to carry. Camel leather water bags are secure water carriers. Always fill from a running clean stream if you need to refill water.

  • Firestarter, Flashlight, Headlight, Lantern

Camping is incomplete without a warm fire. Campfires can be beautiful and bright, but for safety, you must keep a distance of six feet at least. If you need to find something inside your tent or visit the toilet at night, portable, battery-powered lighting is essential. You can also pack two fire extinguishers for safety.

  • First aid kit

It is rare to find life-threatening accidents while camping, but even a long day of hiking may result in bandages needed here and there. Minor cuts and scratches can also be contagious if left untreated, so keep bandages and disinfectants in hand. Your first aid kit must include soap, disinfectant, scissors, adhesive tape, a gauze bandage, and an emergency whistle. In addition, you will need good sunscreen and insect repellent.

  • Pocket Knife

The pocket knife is the ultimate tool for many outdoor activities. For example, a knife can be used to cut a cord, cut a fishing line, a dice bar, cut a piece of cheese or sausage, open a closed packet, sharpen a stick, hold twisted vines, or tighten a screw. Without a knife, such operations would not have been possible.

  • Map and compass (or GPS charging)

If your camping plan requires mountain climbing, do not go without a map, compass, or GPS. Forests can be strange, confusing mountain climbers at times. Unprepared campers have been roaming the woods for days before being rescued or finding their way back to the camp. Even if your children want to go down to a nearby stream from your camping site, make sure they have a safe way back.

  • Clothes That Fit the Weather and Rain Weather

While camping, you must have a few changes available; dry-fit clothes are a must. Sometimes the weather is unpredictable, so proper clothing is essential. Wet gear is heavy, making the backpack uncomfortable. Instead, choose a light, waterproof rain jacket, which is a necessary protection for the body.


Holidays and having fun are essential and relaxing, but not at the cost of safety and health. You will have a happy, safe holiday and come back rejuvenated for a better routine life. If you are going camping, you must have eight essential camping gear suggested to you in the above information.


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