Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying Dirt Bike Gear

Investing in the right dirt bike gear is crucial for a rider. From comfort to safety, the right gear holds many amazing benefits. 

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But, when buying dirt bike gear, a rider can make mistakes, putting both comfort and safety at risk. That is why, before knowing the correct way to buy the right dirt bike gear, you should know the mistakes in order to avoid them.

Here are a few mistakes a dirt bike rider must avoid when buying gear.

Not investing in quality boots

Boots are one of those gear that dirt bike riders often ignore. But, what seems to be unimportant at first can turn into a huge mistake at a crucial time. By not buying a pair of good quality motocross boots, you can put yourself at a lot of risks. New riders often make the common mistake of not purchasing the boots yet spending a hefty amount on buying the latest and most high-end race kit. 

It is a common mistake that you need to avoid. The right dirt bike boots will protect your ankles from fractures and make your ride much more comfortable. You can go with any motorcycle boots, but dirt bike riding boots are specially designed to withstand twists and impacts. 

Buying a helmet just for the aesthetic

Helmets are crucial for safety. It is a no-brainer, but many new riders make the mistake of buying helmets just considering their aesthetic appeal and not the specifications. You need to avoid making the same mistakes. A helmet without the right feature will be of no use. 

Before buying a helmet, consider crucial factors like its shell construction, ventilation, helmet liner, and technology used in its construction. All these factors are crucial in choosing the right helmet. 

Compromising with the comfort & fitting of gear

Another common mistake the riders often make at the beginning while purchasing a helmet or any other gear is not considering the fitting. A proper fit is very important to ensure the comfort and safety of the rider. The rider often gets influenced by great discounts or designs and makes the mistake of buying the wrong gear with improper fitting. 

A helmet with improper fitting will have a gap, which will allow the head to move around during an impact. It could lead to a severe neck injury. If the helmet is too tight, then you will have discomfort and constant headaches. To avoid such circumstances, you need to invest in the right gear with proper fitting. 

Not choosing gear specific to discipline

This one is a huge lifesaver that people often ignore. Choosing the gear specific to your discipline can save you from many risks and discomfort. There are quite many factors that you should consider while purchasing the right gear. Factors like purpose, weather, and comfort are crucial in buying the right gear. Many beginners make the mistake of buying gear that seems cool but doesn’t consider the crucial factors. After the purchase, they often regret it due to the discomfort provided by the gear. 

Go for motocross-specific gear to avoid any discomfort during the race day. You need gear that is lightweight, stretchable and has good ventilation. Make the purchase keeping the mind the track and race. Whether it is enduro, supercross, or motocross, they all have different tracks and require different strategies, so the gear should be specific. 

Final words

Now, you are all geared up to make your first purchase of dirt bike gear. Keep the information mentioned above in mind and avoid making any such mistakes. Your first gear is truly special, and these above factors will help you make the right choice each time. 


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