How To Treat Your Family To A Fancy Vacation

If you’re tired of the same old family destinations and feel like you deserve something more exciting, perhaps it’s time to plan a fancy family vacation. The only problem is that fancy usually equals expensive, but this isn’t always the case as long as you know how to find the right vacation. Considering you’ve worked hard and deserve a rest, consider these tips the next time you feel like treating yourself and your family. 

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Think Outside the Box 

When you think of luxury, your mind immediately goes to some of the fanciest destinations across the globe. The likes of the Maldives or Iceland often crop up, but these are not the only places where you can indulge in luxury. 

In fact, you might not even want to go to the same places you’ve seen on social media, especially since they rarely live up to the hype. Instead, think about where you could go off the beaten path or where people don’t normally travel. Finding fancy boutique accommodations like The Pinch Charleston Hotel can inspire you to explore different spots whether at home or overseas to give your family a taste of the finer things. 

Search For Last-Minute Deals

It’s better to book a vacation long in advance so you can make the right preparations, save up, and ensure you can get the time off work. However, booking early also means you will usually pay full price. 

The closer you get to the date, the more hotels and airlines will strive to fill up space, which usually means they will offer cheaper rates for typically expensive options. They may even provide package deals that bundle everything you need into something more affordable, meaning you don’t need to worry about airport transfers or even finding somewhere to eat. 

Use Points 

Signing up for travel credit cards can make it easier to pay for your trips, but it only works if you actually use the credit card. The more purchases you make, the more points you’ll accumulate. You can then use these points to pay for plane tickets. 

Depending on where you’re going, this can cut the overall cost in half, meaning you might be able to afford better accommodation with more comfortable amenities and give your family a taste of the good life. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Upgrades 

If you’ve ever wished you could fly first class but have never been able to afford it, sometimes all you need to do is ask. Although this won’t work 100% of the time, you may get lucky and get a sweet upgrade for your flight. You can try this by highlighting a special occasion, such as your anniversary, or you can just ask the person at the desk if there’s any room. After all, you won’t get anything if you don’t request it, so it’s always worth a try. 


You don’t need to spend weeks at the most exclusive resorts in the world or even take a private jet to get there. Luxury is all about what you deem better than what you’re used to, and these tips can help you enjoy something fancier and more enjoyable, meaning you finally get the chance to switch off, relax, and recharge. 


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