17 Ways to Grow Your Brand’s Social Media Presence in 2022

Social media, in many ways, has etched itself into the soul of our communication and lifestyles.  With at least 4 billion social media users worldwide, it is an important aspect of how the world functions. 

However, having a social media account is one thing, and standing out in the pool of major brands online is another. It takes some planning, experience, knowledge, strategy, and a bit of luck to have the massive social media success you aim towards.

In this article, we’ll help you out by going through 17 ways to grow your brand’s social media presence. We’ll also explain why it’s important to prioritise your audience to get the best out of your brand marketing efforts. 

Let’s get to it!

17 Methods to Develop Your Brand’s Social Media Presence in 2022

All social media users expect value from the various brands they follow. One way to create value is to develop your social media presence using foolproof strategies. Here are 17 of them:

Know Your Audience

This is one of the most significant steps in social media marketing, especially in this new generation. Before putting out any plan or strategizing, you must know and understand the people who might be interested in what you have to offer as a brand.

Understanding this simple, yet vital aspect will help you design targeted campaigns,   create relevant content and survive the harsh climate of social media.

To accurately know and describe your target audience, It’s helpful to find out their age range, key interests, and geographic location.

Once all this is done, you’ll be able to focus your resources in the right areas, and use multiple social media platforms to reach your audience. 

Keep Track Of Trends


The best way to stay relevant to your audience and also your other online communities is to monitor and take advantage of different trends. This tactic is  known as “trend jacking” and it helps you post content that already has a buzz around it.

While using trends, it is important to tie them back to your core brand message and the objective of your social media presence. If you compromise on relevance, you risk losing your audience.

Engage With Your Target Audience

Many brands are guilty of uploading mediocre content on social media almost every day. You have to avoid this mistake as you won’t be able to stand out if you don’t.

Before creating content on social media, ensure you engage enough with your audience to not only know them, but to understand exactly what they value. 

Ask yourself questions like “how useful will this information be to them?” “Can they get it elsewhere?” And “will this content keep them coming to my platform?” When you can provide satisfactory answers to these questions, you can be sure to get the right engagements.

Focus on Boosting Your Brand Awareness 

Social media has proven to be a lucrative means of creating brand awareness, giving brands the potential to be seen by more and more people. It has been established that many people learn about new brands through discussions on social media. 

As a business looking to grow on social media, you must strive to push your brand to as many people as possible. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to do this—ads, influencer marketing, using great hashtags and creating top-notch content.

Building your brand awareness is absolutely necessary. It will not only create trust, but also build equity for your brand’s success. Your customers will become familiar with your brand’s value when you develop a good brand awareness using social media. And as such, they won’t think too much about spending their money on your products. 

Create Unique Content

Your content decides the kind of audience you pull, and by extension, the success of your brand. Good content pulls a larger audience and gets them more involved in your activities. It can also help lay the foundations of pulling a loyal audience of people who will invite new followers when they see the content on your social media profile. 

To create authentic and unique content you can:

  • Post-real-life images of top-quality on visual networks like Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Create engaging writeup with educational value either on your blog, Twitter thread or Instagram caption.
  • Post tips and hacks.

Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

Nowadays, social media influencers are indispensable in the process of raising brand recognition and expanding a company’s reach. Influencer marketing can help you reach a larger audience and even sell your products to them.

When choosing an influencer, it is ideal to concentrate on your niche by selecting an influencer with a following that might be interested in your brand’s offerings. 

Learn From Your Competitors

In comparison to older marketing strategies, social media’s transparency makes it easy for brands to track and analyze their competitors. You should use this opportunity to gather valuable information from your counterparts in business. How do you do this?

Keep an eye out for useful information on your competitor’s page when making plans. Examine their content to see which ones are succeeding and which ones are failing. This will allow you to learn from their mistakes and improve your campaign by tweaking their high-performing strategies. Eventually, you’ll be able to outperform them and boost your brand’s social media success.

Create Interesting Visuals
using phone while traveling
Research on different social media platforms has shown that visual content generally results in a larger engagement rate. Most social media platforms are huge on aesthetics and visual appeal. Two strong examples are Pinterest and instagram. Particularly, Instagram visual posts get several likes.

Visuals are naturally more eye-catching than the text. So, endeavor to integrate purposeful visuals when creating your content. 

Simplify Your Purchase Process
Customers want an easy process to obtain the products and services they value. And most sellers miss this important point by overcomplicating the purchasing process.

The easier it is to buy your products and access your services, the more likely it is that your customers will see the process through. When you simplify your purchasing process, it will impact your sales positively.

The faster your customers can access your product and services, the better.

Use the Right Social Media Business Management Tool
If you have multiple social media business accounts, it can be challenging to keep up. From creating posts and posting them, to replying dms, monitoring analytics and receiving orders—it can be overwhelming. This is where using social media tools comes in.

Managing the customer’s inquiries, inventory and stock will consume your time. To manage your accounts efficiently, you need a tool that’ll help you simplify your tasks. Examples are scheduling tools, auto responder tools, editing tools etc. 

These will save you time and help you get the most out of your social media marketing efforts.

Consistency Is Crucial
This is a complete no-brainer when it comes to social media success. Your followers and audience value consistency. They want to know that you’re still around and posting often assures them of that. If for some reason your social media accounts go dark, you will lose numerous followers. 

You must show consistency not only in content quality, but also in your brand’s personality, timing, and messaging. Doing this makes your followers always know when to check in and what to expect. 

Use Purposeful Hashtags

Hashtags are a good way to maximize your media campaign and advertise your brand. Whether on Facebook,Instagram or Twitter, hashtags are invaluable for social media marketing. 

However, for hashtags, less is more. Pick and choose only the best hashtags in your niche and use only a handful of them in each post.

Create a Content Bank & Schedule Your Posts

It takes much effort and dedication to create riveting content. One of the ways you can make this process easier is by keeping a list of content ideas on hand. You can also batch create content.

When you create content ahead of time, you’ll be able to maintain tight schedules and deliver consistently. 

Before batch creating content, gather a list of ideas. Design the posts, then, thoroughly plan when and how you are going to post. To make posting easier, consider using a social media management tool for scheduling.

Choose The Right Time To Post

In 2022, it is quite difficult to grow your community on social media, especially if you share your space with similar brands. Different social media use an algorithm that prioritizes posts for different reasons. One factor that aids prioritization is post timing.

Hence, determine when best to post by finding out when your audience is usually online. This way, your audience is more likely to engage, and consequently, increase the reach of that post.

Use Social Media Analytics

After you’ve established a consistent publishing schedule, keep an eye on your social media statistics to see how far you’ve come.

Examine your analytics on a regular basis to see if your posts are meeting their goals or falling short. This assists you in refocusing your efforts and ensuring that they are directed in the appropriate direction.

Pay For Social Ads

While every brand hopes to get their exposure organically, it can be time-consuming and tedious to do this. Ads remove a good amount of this stress. Plus, ads, when done well, come with a great ROI. So don’t be afraid to make the investment

Listen to Feedbacks  and Work With Them
Any brand that wishes to grow on social media must learn to listen to Feedbacks, whether positive or negative. Create a balance by addressing any negative feedback positively, while ignoring the ones that are out of your control. The most important thing is to always strive to provide optimum value for your followers.

Bottom Line 

Growing your social media presence is not only about the type of content you’re producing, but who you are as a brand. You have to show your target audience that you’re reliable and competent. By following some of these practices and ideas, you will achieve this goal. Also, be as consistent as possible, and you’ll  gradually grow your following on social media this year.


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