Easy Marketing thru Flyers

Do you remember the last time you received a flyer in the mail? If it’s been a while, don’t worry – flyers are still being sent to homes all over the country. So what is a flyer, exactly? A flyer, like a brochure, is a piece of paper that is typically used for advertising or marketing purposes. They can be printed or even created digitally, and are often distributed through the mail, email, or hand-delivered. Flyers are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to promote yourself. Flyers can promote just about anything, from events and sales to new products and services or you have a new start-up business that you want the community to be aware of, flyers are a simple and effective form of advertising.

They allow you to spread your message in an eye-catching manner without spending a lot of money on design work from professionals. The best part is when someone sees your flyer they’ll be taking away information that allows them to learn more about something which interests them – whether it is an event or item they saw on your flyer.  And if you’re looking to create your own flyer, there are plenty of free flyer templates available online – to help you get started.

But how do you make them? It can be tricky to figure out the flyer design and format to design using a free flyer maker but it really depends on what you are advertising.

Event Flyer design

An event flyer is an advertisement for an event. Most often, flyers are used to promote a concert, a party, or some other type of special gathering. It must include pertinent information like the time, date, location, and other details about where people can find you. It should also have some basic branding elements included on it so potential customers know exactly who is organizing the event. If you’re creating a poster for your band’s performance at a local bar, for example, then you probably just want to include lyrics from original songs or the names of the band members. Advertise the event by extending your brand. Make sure to include contact information so that people can find you if they have questions.


Business flyer design

Business flyers are just like any other type of flyer, but they contain marketing copy focused on selling the reader whatever it is you’re selling. Business flyers often go to businesses rather than individuals. Targeting your audience carefully will result in more successful sales. If you sell high-end cosmetics, then you’ll want to send business flyers to local salons and spas. Some companies even hire marketing firms to distribute their business flyers for them! This keeps everything well-organized and ensures that every flyer ends up where it’s supposed to.


Corporate flyer design

Corporate flyers tend to be crisp, well-formatted documents meant for professional use. They follow the same rules as business flyers in terms of formatting–contacts are required at the bottom, images are there to support text, etc. However, they often feature more colors in their designs since they aren’t aimed specifically at one ‘type’ of user.  It has a broader appeal than a typical business flyer, which can make it easier for readers to connect with the company’s branding on an emotional level.

Collegiate flyer design

College flyers are often used by organizations to promote events or extracurriculars. Like any other type of flyer, college flyers should be eye-catching but not too flashy or overdone since they’re meant for students rather than adults who might live far away from campus. College flyers need room for text – so it’s best to keep them simple. Organize your important information by using clear headers and subheaders so readers can quickly find what they’re looking for.

Public service flyer design

These flyers are often distributed by governments or public organizations to inform citizens of current events or pertinent news. They might be used to announce road closures, traffic changes, school closings, pollution levels, etc. Public service flyers are generally designed with a more professional tone than other types of flyers because the organization distributing them is trying to project an authoritative image rather than reach out directly to potential customers (though the latter wouldn’t necessarily be wrong).

Postcard flyer design

Postcard flyers are just what they sound like–they’re meant to be mailed. This means the most important part of your design is its mailing address. It’s also helpful to include thumbnail images of your information so it can be read even if someone throws away the rest of the flyer. They usually feature user benefits written in large text at the top, followed by any other necessary info: prices, contact info, etc. Postcards are very versatile–they work well as marketing tools for everything from concerts to online stores.

All flyers have a common set of components they need to work effectively as print advertisements. However, these requirements and flyer design differ from one type of flyer to another. For example, promotional flyers tend to be bright and bold, while event flyers try not to look too busy so people can find the relevant information. Business flyers should be as professional as possible, otherwise, customers might not believe you know what you’re doing.

Venngage is a free flyer maker with lots of flyer examples and free flyer templates!

Whatever type it is you need for your promotion, Venngage is a great resource for flyer inspiration, regardless of what type of flyer you’re looking to create. The website offers flyer examples, templates, and design ideas for all types of flyers, from event invitations to product advertisements. Plus, the user-friendly interface makes it easy to customize your flyers with text and images. So if you’re in need of a free flyer maker for inspiration, be sure to check out Venngage – you won’t be disappointed! Have you tried using Venngage for your next flyer project?



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