Exploring Coastal Beautiful Beaches With Rental Boat 

Sit on the sand with shiny sunlight and enjoy it with your friends because Dubai has a beautiful coastline and is an excellent discovery and the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. One of the good ways to explore the charm of coastlines is by boat rental in Dubai and embarking on sailing on the clear crystal water and desert safari Dubai booking is open for every individual. Furthermore, beaches give many views of the clear and clean water and shiny white sand; visitors enjoy their tour swimming in the warm water. The beach is best for sports lovers and foody people. There are many amazing greenery and attractive places along the coastlines that you can tour with a rental boat in Dubai. 

Dubai’s places are wonderful and give an unforgettable memory. For that reason, we will explore the most beautiful beaches. 

  • Jumeirah beach
  • Kite beach 
  • Al Sufouh beach
  • Sunset beach
  • Burj beach
  • Al Mamzar beach

Jumeirah Beach 

Jumeirah beach is famous for its white sand and blue sparkling crystal water, and visitors go to Jumeirah beach for sunbathing, kayaking, swimming and many other activities they like.

Kite Beach

Boat rental in Dubai move to Kite Beach is a busy beach with many amazing turning points for the boat adventure. With the rental boat, you can discover every corner of the Coastline and see the beauty of this beach. Visitors or other people love to dance in the sky. The chill waves of the breeze make your boat sailing a truly unforgettable experience.

Al Sufouh Beach 

Al Sufouh beach is quiet but has many views and positions, and it is located between Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. On this beach, there is no system of showers and toilets. The other names of this beach are Hidden Beach, Secret Beach, and Black Palace Beach because of the hidden position, which is available by a limited sandy route between the magnificent palaces of Al Sufouh. With Boat rental in dubai, Kite Beach is the best place for the children to swim and probe the submerged with many facilities.

Sunset Beach 

The total area of Sunset Beach is 5.8 square miles. The prior name of this beach was Bald Beach, but in the 1950s, it changed into Sunset Beach- famous for its families and serene excitement. Even though it is small, the island is heavenly, with stunning beach residences, natural beauty and several tourist activities.

Burj Beach 

Moving your journey with boat rental in Dubai to Burj beach. It provides a new prospect for Dubai representative Burj al-Arab residents. It is 280 meters (920ft) from the palm Jumeirah beach. You can explore the different buildings and masterpieces from the water by renting a boat in Dubai. When you travel along the Coastline, you will explore the smooth design and amazing sphere of the Burj al arab.

Al Mamzar Beach 

Al Mamzar Beach, with boat rental in dubai, provides golden, shiny, clean shores with calm surroundings. Tourists and visitors like this place due to its peaceful weather and want to be calm and relaxed in their busy lives. Renting a boat here permits you a mixture of being on the water with the facilities accessible at the beaches. You can also get together, party on the boat, and make this journey memorable. 


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