Camper Lifestyle: All You Need to Know

The dream of exploring the continent or even the whole world with your home is a euphoric feeling that most people dream of in their life.

To live this dream, people tend to convert to a camper van so they can travel whenever and wherever they want.

Living a camper lifestyle lets you go anywhere without anything holding you back since you can bring your entire life with you.

Though if you’re planning to go full camper, it’s necessary that you’re prepared for this lifestyle. To help you with this, we’re going to show you everything you need to know to live a camper lifestyle.

There are Different Types of RV


There are different types of camper vans that you can choose from and choosing one will depend on your lifestyle and budget. Though some of the main types of RVs that every camper chooses are:

    • Volkswagen Vans – The usual choice for beginners as they’re affordable and easy to convert to a camper van.
    • Cargo Vans – a spacious van that you can convert into any type of camper van design you want. They’re spacious enough to fit an entire family and it’s usually accustomed for people who like to live an outdoor life.
  • Motor Home – Larger than a camper van and is already designed to be your own moving house. 

The Cost of a Camper Lifestyle

The cost to live in a camper van will usually depend on the type of camper lifestyle you want and where you want to travel. 

You’ll also have to take into consideration your everyday costs like gas, maintenance, food, and electricity. There will also be additional spending from your day-to-day travels so you need to take this into consideration.

Although some campers also like to live thrifty and save more compared to living in a normal home. 

Challenges of a Camper Lifestyle

When it comes to living in a camper van, it’s expected that you’re going to go through several challenges along the way. These may either be major or minor issues that you need to face every day so you need to be prepared.

You Need to Fit Everything

Moving into a smaller home means that you need to transfer all your belongings into a cramped space. This means you have to make use of every nook and cranny available on your camper van.

Most campers tend to sacrifice most of their belongings in order to save space on their new camper van and just bring what’s important.


Living in a camper van, you’ll start rationing everything you have to the smallest amount. 

You start to check the amount of water and food that you have left since you can only carry a considerable amount due to the limited space that’s available.

Personal Space

If you’re living with your significant other or your family, you have to sacrifice that personal space if you want to have a camper lifestyle.

You’re going to live in a cramped space with people you know so make sure you’re comfortable with who you’re travelling with.

Weather Conditions

When travelling you always need to keep in mind that you’re always exposed to the harsh elements outside.

Your living conditions will vary depending on the weather and you’re van might break from the harsh elements.

Planning Before Starting You Start Your Camper Life

Living a camper lifestyle is a big commitment and you need to prepare for everything before hitting the road. You need to consider several factors and see if you’re fit enough to have this lifestyle. 

These factors include:

  • If you’re financially stable enough to live this lifestyle
  • Are you ready for the different challenges of a camper lifestyle?
  • What type of camper home are you going to choose?
  • If you’re ready to downsize your home to something that’s considerably smaller.
  • Are you organized enough to fit everything you need in a camper van?

Essentials to Bring

With all your belongings inside your camper van, you still need to consider purchasing essential items for safety measures. These Items include:

  • Firearms
  • First aid kit
  • GPS Tracker
  • Security Cameras
  • Locks
  • Fire Extinguishers

Folding chairs are also a good option as you need to save space in your home. You could get folding chairs bulk to save costs on buying what you need.

You Need to Know Where to Park

Camper vans allow you to travel anywhere you want but they also have restrictions such as parking areas. There are several parking areas that accommodate camper vans but the most common spots and methods are:

  • Moochdocking – Setting up your camper van at your friend or relative’s place.
  • Boondocking – Setting up at any vacant spot without hooking up to any type of charging port for your camper van.
  • Campgrounds and Forrest Parks – The most common and expensive. Campgrounds allow you to park and hook up your camper van at your designated spot. Their tolls will vary but they’re generally pricier compared to the other options/

You’ve Got to Learn How to DIY Maintenance

Learning DIY is necessary for living a camper lifestyle. Since you’re always on the road, you’re going to encounter problems with your van and the next station might be miles away.

It’s necessary to learn the basics of van maintenance to prevent yourself from getting into dangerous situations like getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.


Living a camper lifestyle requires dedication so you should understand what you’re getting into. You’ll also need to look for a source of income that can accommodate your lifestyle.



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