Home Away From Home: Best US Student Accommodation Locations

Students come to the US from all over the world to learn as much as possible and find a community to be part of while here. Coming to a new place from halfway across the world can be a lot for someone so young to handle. There’s the trauma of leaving your family, even for a little while, the culture shock of a new country, and the stress of finding a place to live and acclimatizing to your new university and class schedule. It’s a lot to deal with on your own.  

We have some excellent suggestions for places to live to help take a little weight off your shoulders. These cities are some of the best locations in the country to live, learn and experience American life as an international student. Go for co living los angeles or find a place just for you in Seattle or Philadelphia – the choice is yours. There are several reasons that each of these places is special, so let’s take a look at why we love them so much. 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles skyline

Living in LA means that you’ll never run out of things to do. Whether in the greater LA area or Hollywood, you are set up for a fun, exciting, and learning-filled life. Living in LA is like a feast for the senses: there’s a new and exciting restaurant or food truck around every corner, there are live music venues on almost every block, star-studded streets to walk down, museums and galleries to explore, and so much outdoor living to take part in. Hike up to the Observatory and check out the Hollywood sign, get surf lessons in Venice, or go to one of the many historic cinemas to catch a movie for a mellow Friday night. If you’re looking to find work to supplement your student allowance, there is no shortage of low-commitment jobs like waiting tables or tending bars that can fit around your class schedule.  

Which school you’re attending will likely determine which neighborhoods you consider living in. The best schools in LA and the Hollywood area are:  

  • UCLA 
  • USC 
  • California State 
  • California Institute of Technology 

Each of these communities has its unique and wonderful community surrounding the school and radiating into the city. As a student, we know you’ll be concerned about proximity to school, people from your school, and the surroundings who could become your friends, so we advise looking for accommodation in student-adjacent areas like West Hollywood, Koreatown, and Adam Normandie. 


If your chosen school is in Seattle, you will dive headfirst into a city with a truly incredible music culture. The outdoor activities around the city are also a great way to eliminate the loneliness you may feel as a new kid on the block. There is hiking, caving, and more watersports than ever imagined. The city’s nature is truly pristine, so you consider this when packing for your venture to the USA. There are many things that every foreigner has simply got to see when they first get to Seattle: the Space Needle, the underground tunnels (there are lots of walking tours for these), the harbor, the Museum of Pop Culture, and the Olympic National Park just to name a few.  

Some excellent schools to choose from in Seattle are: 

  • University of Washington 
  • Seattle University 
  • Northwest University 
  • University of Puget Sound 

Students make up the majority of the popularity in the University District, so that’s an obvious choice for choosing a home. Anywhere in that area will have a ready-made community to explore and interact with. Wallingford and Roosevelt are also excellent locations with a vibey setting and a diverse population. 


Philly is not the first town you think of “students,” but it is an incredible place to live and an excellent first taste of the USA. Students attending the following universities will need to search for homes in Philly:  

  • University of Pennsylvania 
  • Drexel University 
  • Villanova University 
  • La Salle University 
  • Temple University 

 There’s a large amount of student-centric accommodation in University City and close to Temple University, so you’ll be able to find your feet with the help of a community in no time. This wonderful city has a lot of history, so it’s a good place for international students to start coming to grips with US culture and history. You could join guided tours or ask your local classmates to take you around the city and see places like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Pose for an Instagram shot on the Rocky steps or with the Love sculpture, and before you know it, you’ll have a collection of uniquely American experiences to chat with your friends and family at home.  

If you’re moving to any of these cities to study your chosen craft or vocation, you have an exciting time ahead. Change can be stressful, but the communities in these cities and the schools they hold will make it a little bit easier and more enjoyable for students worldwide. 



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