4 Ways to Get Yourself in Trouble While Traveling

Traveling can be a lot of fun. In fact, some people feel like you’re never going to become a well-rounded individual unless you travel during your life. You might take the opportunity to travel around the United States some time, or you may decide to go overseas.

Canada and Mexico are not far away, and they’re both excellent places to visit. Covid-19 has restricted some travel possibilities at the moment, but you’d have to assume that’s not going to last forever. You may decide that now’s the time you want to do some traveling, or you might plan to take a trip pretty soon.

If you’re hitting the road or flying overseas to visit a foreign country, you need to moderate your behavior, though. There are a few particular things you can do while traveling that can get you in a lot of trouble, so let’s talk about some of them right now.

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Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving isn’t a good idea, whether you’re a few blocks from your house or on the other side of the globe. You may rent a car when you get to your destination, either inside the US or outside it.

If you do rent a car, and you decide to imbibe some alcoholic beverages, don’t drive back to the hotel or anywhere else. If you do elect to drive when you’re far from home and intoxicated, it might end up even worse than if you did it close to your residence.

Some foreign countries are very harsh with drunk drivers. You may need to hire an attorney after a car accident, and that’s going to be quite difficult if you’re out of state or in a different country where you don’t even speak the language very well.

If you drink while traveling, even if you think you’re under the legal limit, take a taxi or public transportation back to the hotel or hostel where you’re staying. Doing so can avoid a potential disaster.

Don’t Purchase or Consume Drugs

When you’re in another state or a different country, it’s easy to imagine that you are a different person. Maybe you like to pretend that you’re an international spy or an action hero. Remember, though, just because you’re somewhere far from home, you should not act any more recklessly than you would in your hometown.

Purchasing and using drugs while in a different state or another country is a perilous thing to do. The drugs themselves can harm you since you never have any idea what’s in them.

Besides that, there can be very severe criminal penalties if you try to purchase and use drugs in another state or country. In other countries, you may not know what those criminal penalties are, but international courts tend to be pretty harsh with foreign nationals who come to their country and break the law.

You could end up in jail for years if you purchase or consume drugs. It’s best to avoid these behaviors.

Don’t Frequent Sex Workers

Some international tourists like to meet up with sex workers. In some countries, prostitution is legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s a smart idea.

Sex tourism can lead to many problems. Even if you visit a country where it’s legal, you have no way of knowing whether the person you’re paying for sex is doing it willingly. You would never want to support sex trafficking, which unfortunately does happen in many different parts of the world.

Also, even if you use protection, you never know if the individual with whom you’re coming into contact has an STD. Using protection makes transmission less likely, but it does not eliminate the risk.

Don’t Carry a Lot of Money

You might feel like you should carry a good amount of cash on you if you’re in a foreign country or a different state. Cash can be a better way to pay for things than credit cards while traveling since some countries will not accept your credit cards, or only particular establishments will.

However, if you carry a lot of cash on you, you make yourself a more attractive robbery or pickpocketing target. If you flash a wad of money when you’re in a store, you might find yourself facing down a knife or gun a moment later. If you do bring lots of cash with you while traveling, leave most of it in your hotel room instead of carrying it all with you.



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